Friday, 27 February 2015

Senility Dawns.

I put the used teabags into the teapot, as you do, recycling means a lot if it saves money.  I placed the mug at the side, filled the kettle and switched it on. I took the milk from the fridge and began to pout the milk into the teapot. It was then I stopped as it dawned on me something was not right.  
This was typical of my week. 
OK we have all walked in front of cars because we didn't look, everybody has walked out the door in their slippers, all have forgotten the lunch was still sitting on the cooker instead of inside it cooking, all forget dinner is in the oven and go on to eat burnt things.  I've done that this week.
It was judicious of me to stay indoors this week, I was feared to go outside into the real world!

My plight did not get ignored however.  As I lay on my bed I noticed eyes watching me.  Up in the tree the, vulture like, the crows gathered around eyeing me up and muttering about 'road kill.'  It was a bit anxious like when one of them started to grumble 'Let's do something!'  I shut the curtains quickly and asked the neighbour to send the cats out!  I locked the doors also just in case. I have seen that Hitchcock film!

Pleasure came from watching endless repeats of 'Time Team,' and one or two of the better 'Top Gear' programmes and several dozen football matches!  Falkirk ought to have stuffed the blue bigots tonight by the way.  I also have been reading Tacitus, WW2 diaries and Jerry's latest book. More of that later. The rest of the time I lay on the floor watching the Ladybird walk around the lampshade while I cried "Why me?  Why me?" plaintively.

I did no work of any sort, as the mess in the place reveals.     



Lee said...

I'm sure those in the real world outside agreed with you that it was judicious of you to remain indoors this past week.

Are you sure it wasn't vultures you spotted sitting upon the tree branch?

Glad to see you're up and about again...keep moving...remember those vultures peering through your window. No amount of cats will save you from them!!! :)

the fly in the web said...

I am worried about your general health...not about the milk in the teapot, that can happen to anyone, but you seem to have been out of sorts for quite a while now.
I shall have to look out some loathsome rainforest remedies for you or you won't have the strength to resist the crows and we can't have them falling ill by feeding on you given the state you are in at the moment.

Kay G. said...

Oh dear, I hope you feel more cheerful now. You need to listen to some Chas & Dave, that does it for me.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Luckily the vultures were moved by the wind howling from the south west!

Fly, You were doing well until that last bit! My health is excellent for a man of 124 I was told.

Kay, Chas and Dave? That would make me go for a Chainsaw!

Lady Di Tn said...

i LIKE SOLITUDE BUT FORCED SOLITUDE. NOT!!!! Did ole Murphy visit make you fear the crows? Do not be mean to the crows as they do not forget per a costly study done by one of our famous universities. Now I put cream in my coffee but never milk in my tea. It is easy to loose time when reading history such as the day I lost this week on I find the history more interesting that what goes on in the world today. Nascar started here last weekend and I plan to enjoy the speed on tv. We have sun today but alas when you step outside, you realize that Mother Nature is playing April fools early. Peace

Adullamite said...

Lady, The crows have been blown away by the wind. They will not forget that!