Monday, 9 February 2015

It's a Good Day.

It's a good day when you cross the park in the sunshine and hear a wee bird, so small you canny find it up there in that tree, chirping its heart out looking for a mate!  This is good as it means we are almost in Spring!  Yes indeed the wood pigeons have been giving it laldy in recent days also, even though they keep this up all year round,  as the chill wind dies down and the temperature begins to rise ever so slowly.  Indeed the wee bird had removed his gumboots and only had one sweater on
today.  That tells you how much warmer it has become.  I however kept the 'Long Johns' and the thermals on when outside.  Actually I keep them on inside also but that's by the by.  Sunshine, Daffodils desperate to blossom, Bluebells poking through and chirping Spring birdies, what more could you wish for?

I watched Sportscene while scoffing what passed for evening meal tonight, let's not bring that up again, and was somewhat surprised to find that in a programme almost an hour long nearly half was devoted to Raith Rovers win over Rangers in the Scottish Cup.   I thought such praise of Rovers worthwhile however on closer examination it transpires that the majority of the discussion centred on Rangers themselves. How a club containing the dirtiest player in the country, the crookedest board of directors, the sectarian bigots who form the fan base, and have certain referees at their beck and call can get such support from BBC Scotland surprised me a little.  I wonder, should this TV company not employ journalists to examine and bring to the worlds notice the corruption and misdeeds of the Ibrox men over the last ten years, you know, the stuff we all know about and the Glasgow media keep quiet about?  Huh?  I wonder why the slavish obeisance to Rangers?  Is there a reason I ask?

More pertinent news however arises from the sad end of one of Edinburgh's most important successes. The chap who runs Ross's Confectionery Company is retiring and nobody in his family is willing to take over.  Having received an offer for the building he wisely is selling up and ending the sweet 'Edinburgh Rock'  that has kept dentists in Scotland and abroad well paid for many a day. The loss of this famous sweet is similar to losing a Cup Final, something fans of Hibernian understand well.  This is a major loss to the nation.  There are certainly those who will wish to take over this product, buying the machinery required from the owner and continuing the destruction of children's teeth. However they must be quick about it  or the population may find being healthy an enjoyable experience and lose the desire to suck on one of these delightful rocks.
Actually that is nonsense, of course we will reject health and demand this great tradition continues and by now I already have several missing teeth anyway.



Lee said...

So glad for you, Mr. Ad-Man, that the sun is tentatively peeping through; that the birds - well, one, at least - have started chirping, and the temp is rising albeit it ever so slowly. You'll have a spring in your step for all to see.

I do hope you wear your long johns inside when both outside and inside. Although I suppose it really doesn't matter too much if you wear them on the outside when inside.

Lady Di Tn said...

We here in TN are having up and down weather. Saturday Prince and I worked on the hill with tractor, boom and trailer claiming more yard behind the house. It was 67 degrees and the forecaster predict tomorrow will be the last nice day and Sunday morning we might break a 110 year record of 6 degrees. There are still lots of birds at our feeders and none have gumshoes or sweaters. I have seen a few dogs wearing coats in the park and lots of horses have on blankets. I do not care for dentist and that is a tale in itself. Give me candy I can stick my teeth into and not have to suck for any flavor. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Sorry for the previous run on of words but sometimes my fingers get to typing and I cannot control them. Peace

Adullamite said...

Lee, It is almost like Aussiland here, under the cloud!

Lady, No birds in gum shoes? hardy lot!

Lady, Run of words? keep them running!

Mo said...

ah yes love the signals of the season changes and that wee bird is now in our neighbourhood.

........ But and however the most important and significant item in this post is the loss of Edinburgh rock. I can't believe you posted it last! This is a catastrophe this is world changing this is more significant than the Scottish referendum.

Ok well maybe not, but it is up there. Why isn't there a campaign to save the rock? I'm happy to donate the first ten quid!

Adullamite said...

Mo, Indeed it is a calamity, especially at Christmas when I get some! However someone will take it up, it sells to well to die. News will follow soon....