Saturday, 14 February 2015

Fire Valentinus!

Interesting isn't it when you see the inside of a house that you pass daily.  The chimney stack is a beaut innit?  Shame it has to come down!  The result of a fire is quite awful and a very expensive repair is now required on two or possibly three, listed buildings.  The water damage alone will take a while to dry out. The man alleged to be responsible has appeared in court today charged with arson. I suspect we will not see him again for some time. 

Today I offer to the pretty young women who frequent this site this bouquet  of roses. Women so perfect as yourselves deserve these.
Today, as if you did not know, is another jumped up commercial money grab known worldwide as 'Valentines Day.'  The History of this one time saint is obscure, there are at least three of them, and you can take your pick as to which was the one given a backhander to start this codswallop.  The whole thing has hung around since the third century or thereabouts making many men guilt riven for not spending enough, spending too much, and no matter what he spends she still blames him and says her mother was right all along!  Why do we keep falling for these commercial led emotional robberies?  Surely men run after their women all the time?  Surely he informs her of his love daily?  Surely he has no need to spend cash because the florist says he will not be getting any if he doesn't?  Cards, flowers, eating out, events, money, holidays, all for a Valentinius we know nothing about, or if he actually existed!  Bah!  I will not fall for that!

Naturally when I wandered downstairs to greet the postwoman it goes without saying that she wandered right past my door offering a multitude of reasons why there were no cards, no flowers, no offers of dates, nowt, nil, zilch NOTHING for you!  It may of course be the lack of a tip at Christmas might still rankle with her.  Whatever I received no cards, again, this year, including the one I sent myself, and have spent the night wandering around restaurants, hanging about the windows holding a large sign saying "Divorced and able to afford TV Football!" In large black letters.  This of course is a lie but it's a giggle innit!



Carol said...

Great photo of the burnt out building Adullaman. Not sure fixing it up will preserve its heritage listing with that much damage though.

What is the next celebration on the bah humbug calendar? Easter? We are a funny lot we humans.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the roses Mr. A. I got two beautiful cards (Prince loves to give cards) and a box of chocolate. What spells love better than chocolates. I think the card companies are very adapt at getting folks to buy cards. Case in point "Grand parents day" etc. I would love to get a photo of you with the described sign. Need a selfie of that. Sad the building that was build in 1500 was the victim of cigarette man. Glad they have put him away and I hope it is a place without HEAT. Punishment should fit the crime. Hope yawl had a good day. Peace

Kay G. said...

I hope the pretty young women will like the roses. You should show me a video of something interesting in nature or in sport!
You shouldn't have to wear a sign, everyone knows you are a grouch! But a lovable one!

the fly in the web said...

I am just catching up after a sejour in Nicaragua in the company of people who are delightful but could not find their way out of a paper bag. I sincerely hope that I never have to become a tour guide.
The news of the demise of Edinburgh Rock struck me to the heart....I could taste it again after all these years...
I hope they catch the arsonist...and hand him over to the man evacuated from the shower before official justice takes its course....
How your technique for attracting the gentler sex failed is beyond me...what unmarried woman could resist?
Your book arrived...surviving a near death experience at the hands of a plastic pot containing harissa packed in the same suitcase...and is even more satisfying in paper form than when read on screen. Chapeau for a super piece of work!

Lee said...

Thank you for the beautiful roses, Adullamite. So you're not complete full of bah-humbug after all! :)

I really don't understand why it is so bad that businesses are able to make a profit? If some businesses make extra money out of special occasions such as Valentine's Day...where's the harm in that? Would everyone be happier if businesses made no money and went broke?

Many people also gain so much pleasure from a fun day...a single day amongst so many days of gloom. I'd rather celebrate a day such as old Val's Day, than, say, ISIS Day.

Just my thoughts on the matter. :) U hope I never become cynical.

the fly in the web said...

Another try, the first having been rejected.....
What is wrong with the women of your town? Seeing a poster like that at the window of the restaurant why were they not flocking to you as though you were the Pied Piper?

Adullamite said...

Carol, Easter is never a Bah Humbug. However as I look around I can see opportunities elsewhere.

Lady, Sadly there are no pictures of me with the sign, but I will try another next year.

Kay, Grouch? Me? I'm always so sweet!

Fly, Ah yes Edinburgh Rock stays with us always. The teeth don't however.

Lee, No bah Humbug? I am so!!!

Fly, Women are such strange creatures Fly. If only theywere like you.

Jenny Woolf said...

I love Simons Cat. So expressive!