Sunday, 10 August 2014

Summer Storms

A wee bit of rain fell today, the left overs of yet another US hurricane that they send to us.  Some areas are inundated, we just got wet if we stepped outside. The media, well the 'Daily Mail' has been threatening all sorts of things that will happen to us, once again they were wrong.  The dogs in the park I noticed were thoroughly enjoying themselves, not so the folks that will be cleaning them up when they get home.  It appears the hot summer is over, the dying embers will flair now and again but the nights are closing in again.

The football season proper got under way this weekend and as expected the Heart of Midlothian defeated one half of the evil twins easily.  Unusually the Govan Masons did not get the help they expected from the referee, there were no late minute penalties, no sending's off, although six yellow cards were handed out, and somewhat harshly I felt regarding some of these, the ref did stick to the laws of the game for the most part.  This may not happen all season of course.  So once again we begin the long haul, week by week, worry by worry, not for us the worry, that's for the rest to do. 

This week we must watch the Middle East mess continue with the Yazidis being exterminated by the ISIS group, under whatever name they possess today. Clearly the threat to the Kurds capital had to be stopped, clearly something has to be done, but will a few air strikes do the job?  This group is a well organised, well trained people.  Dedicated and committed to killing anything that does not agree with them, and killing in that region has always been commonplace.  The Yazidis plight is not new.  This threat is greater than any so far.  Nothing is simple or straight forward in the middle east and there is much more to come in this situation.  Christians are among those being removed, ethnically cleansed is the phrase no-one has used so far, but all others will die if they refuse to submit to ISIS.  The LORD knows those who are his however and he remains in charge in spite of what we see before us.


Lee said...

I think the term " ethnically cleansed" has been used in our reports. "Genocide" most certainly has.

It's so very distressing, the mess in the Middle East. How can people hate so much? Religion has and still is causing so much much killing. How do the Muslims - the followers of Islam, a so-called religion of peace expect respect? It's obvious they don't give a damn. To commit murder is in their DNA.

They are lower than despicable.

We are seeing a unimaginably image this morning on our news here of the son of a Sydney jihadist at present in Syria...the picture is of the seven-year old child proudly holding a human not attached to the body it once belonged.

I'm glad I'm in the twilight of my years...because I don't like what the world is coming to...heading towards. It's not the world I want to live in.

Jenny Woolf said...

We had some incredible weather this afternoon, having thought we missed it. THunder lightning, hail, torrential rain. The babies were shocked. They had never seen anything like it.

As for the Middle East.... What a terrible, terrible mess most of it is. I am very fond of this region and its normally charming people. How sad it is.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Just another war. This one could get out of hand mind.

Jenny, Weather bad it must be summer!

Lee said...

There is nothing just about war, Adullamite.

Carol said...

I am glad I am living without a television at the moment. I missed that image which Lee spoke of in the papers too. And I am not about to go and search the Internet for it.

I think I live in a vortex where this kind of news just does not reach me. Mind you the boy told me about the sad death if Robin Williams today. I might have missed that too for a couple of weeks or months if he hadn't told me.

Vortex or Bubble ~ not sure which?

Adullamite said...

Carol, Neither vortex nor bubble, its called having a life!