Saturday, 16 August 2014


The picture is not perfect as it was taken at a distance, a long distance, from where this chap was 'entertaining' the kids with beasties.  What you cannot see are the crowds of kids shuffling forwards to touch the great white brute he has around his neck.  All of them were keen to be entwined by this, er... thing. When I was a lad we knew better and kept well away and instead looked for furry creatures like cats and dogs certainly not snakes!  
It gets worse!
Among the beasties there were iguana type things, including ans Australian dragon.  A creature that survives in the desert.  I rather liked him, but there again I am used to dragons, and Aussie ones as well!  He was cute but as I said it gets worse, several of the kids were photographed with the tarantula sitting on their head!  No thaaannnk yeeewwww I and several others were heard to say as we made our way to the door.  As can be expected the kids had a wonderful time and the adults have difficulty sleeping.  Every movement just out of eyeline is a beastie on the make!  

No 11 Downing Street.  The Chancellor of the Exchequer lives here.......



Lee said...

I really hate snakes. I abhor them. I can't even look at photos of them. I've had too many bad experiences with them...and they with me when they invade my space!

Adullamite said...

I dreampt of snakes all night!

Jenny Woolf said...

Haha! love the cartoon. But the man with the giant slug around his neck - eek!
At least that is what it looked like. Very horrible. Not what I would have wanted to be entertained with as a child.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, That slug was a Boa! What's more the sick little kids loved it! Touching it or even wearing it!