Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Nothing to Say.

I've searched the papers.  I've looked at pictures, I've stared out the window and I'read others blogs but I still have nothing to say.  Now that the exhibition is up and running and I have merely to continue researching my men there is no news.  
The routine wars ebb and flow, the media builds up nothing as important, the sun goes down early and life goes on but there is nothing to say!  
I got my haircut, I ate badly, I avoided the teeming rain when going to the shop early.  Not much to write about there, bar miserable people you meet during the day.  Funny how when I meet folks they all look miserable but when they pass on they are happy again.  I must have the gift of encouragement, I must practice this more.  The warmth is still in the air as it ought to be, even when the rain falls as it did earlier.  The brats scream and yell in the darkened park, skateboarding in the fenced off skateboard park which is undergoing repair.  No doubt soon the screeching girls, why must they always scream, will be testing 'morning after' outfits.  This area having one of the worst pregnancy rates for stupid girls.  I note the gardeners are ensuring foliage fills the gaps that appear between the trees near the fence at the side.  Blocking area that will save much money from single mum benefits.     
The official exhibition opening is tomorrow night, although it is already open! This means another clean shirt and a bath, that will be the second this week and it is not even Sunday!  The costs are high here, soap and water!
Hours have gone by and nothing has stimulated the mind.  This mind needs stimulation, or as the lass at the museum put it, 'a kick.'  Typical women's approach!  

However I like these girls, they speak my language!




Lee said...

Some people wouldn't know how to smile, let alone laugh...they gain more pleasure from being grumpy and humorless. Thankfully, I'm not one of them.

There is a lot going on in the world that isn't laughable in any manner, but we must, within ourselves, within our own lives and amongst those with whom we come in contact, learn to share and spread smiles and goodwill.

It's not difficult to doesn't take much effort. More people should try it rather than be abusive to each other.

By the looks on those women's faces perhaps their signs should've have said "National No Smiling Year"...they'd be a bundle of joy to spend time with, I'm sure! Perhaps they're married to men; the reason for their glum

Adullamite said...

Lee, They speak my language!