Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Wireless, Daffodils and Books!

I am very much enjoying the 15 minute programmes found on the wireless these days.  Both Radio 4 and Radio 3 have a good selection of these all well worth a browse.  Above we have a picture of Andrew Martin the writer (what do we mean 'the writer?  Especially when we have never heard of him until today?).  He offered us five 15 minute programmes on Radio 3s 'The Essay,' and although time is running out to hear the first one I found these very interesting and thought provoking, almost as if I had written them myself, they were that good, what?...oh!
These five programmes come under 'England Ejects' heading, ignoring the fact they cover all the UK rather than just one small portion thereof!   'Boasting,' 'Eating too much,' 'Rules, gentility,' 'Manual work,' and 'Sunday church going,' are the headings, each one very enjoyable little talks. His voice is good for radio, unlike far too many these days, and his honesty is welcome.  You will probably enjoy these, if you are quick!
The advantage of 15 minute programmes is that of they are not too good they soon end, if they are worth a listen there is often the promise of more to follow. Nothing worse than finding Radio 4 is filling all such slots with mediocre or uninteresting rubbish.  I feel robbed when I note this, and it does happen. Finding Radio 3 also doing such offerings was brilliant.  I wonder what else is hiding on radio stations world wide, hidden behind hours of music blasting around the world and found only by looking in dark corners of the wireless?    

The lack of real winter has seen the daffodils rise early this year.  All these bulbs that ought to be welcoming Easter a month or so away are poking through now.  These will bloom in the next few days and while welcome they do indicate how mild the winter has been so far.  I expect the electric and gas directors and most put out by this and attempting to discover ways to increase prices because of the mildness in the air.  The million pound bonus's may not be quite so good at Christmas and a trip to their bank in the British Virgin Islands may be on the cards for these struggling men.  I however am quite happy not to have the heat full blast most days, and look forward to Spring bouncing in as soon as possible!

I should tell you I am almost finished with two more books, and have started another.  This means I may refer to them sometime soon.  Are you waiting for this?......oh!



Carol said...

Reading on the way to work. See if I can reply before I have to hop off the bus. Just wasted 24 words. We are having similar problems with our radio programming here. Management of our national broadcaster have sacked old favourites and I am having trouble adjusting to new younger voices who know nothing about nothing. I am almost thinking of switching to digital and see what I can find on the international airwaves. Two more books? Daffodils? Life is bright and sunny ~ excellent news.

the fly in the web said...

I started to listen to a BBC reporter attempting to explain the Dieudonne phenomenon in he anti-semitic or does he just make jokes and not pay his taxes: whichever it is he has the government's underwear in a tangle.

The level of reporting was juvenile - no background explanation and plenty of assumptions, Not at all what I would have expected of the BBC until recent years.

I'll try to catch The Essay though.

Adullamite said...

Carol, What a thought, that as I write someone thousands of miles away can read me while on a bus a day ahead! Who would have thunk it?

Fly, The French reporter was always knowledgeable, must have been a stand in!

the fly in the web said...

I caught The Essay, thank you...very enjoyable.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Glad you enjoyed it.

Lee said...

We didn't have much of a winter here last year; and so far, other than a couple of days of excessive heat thrown in to annoy the hell out of us, we're experiencing quite a mild summer. I'm only referring to this area here where I live.

Unfortunately many other areas in Aus can't say the same.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Send the excessive heat over for a month will you?