Friday, 7 February 2014


Having spent the whole day enclosed in the museum once again it was a delight to be out in the open air, even if only taking the free bus down to B&Q for a tin of paint!  The sky was wonderful, and I am afraid my picture does not capture the vibrant colours as they actually were, still it's a good shot.  Such a shame the car park and the rest of the shopping centre spoilt the view.  Such a shame also that after this even more cloud and rain storms will fall across the southern part of the nation tonight adding to the woes already encountered.  I must admit it is only tonight, once I actually took time to look at the TV pictures, that I realised how widespread the floods have been. Indeed one of the streams near here flooded today leaving my boss with an hours delay this morning.  I am even more glad to be here, slightly higher than the area round about.  What devastation the floods have caused, a combination of very heavy continual rainfall and high tides arriving at the same time.  Acres of low lying land flooded, houses also, rail lines destroyed, and only now does the government appear to be responding properly.  Of course at the moment there is little to be done but suffer until the rain stops and the waters recede.  Maybe Councillor David Silvester was right after all?

This was where I spent my day, while on my desk back home among the dust particles lay a long list of jobs requiring urgent attention, hence the trip to B&Q!  The cheapest matt emulsion they had was obtained and I will spend some of Saturday splashing it across the small kitchen as this is a quicker and more efficient way to improve the look than attempting to clean it all down!  The bad side of this is that everything else will look dim in comparison and I will then require more paint to do the East Wing.  Actually sitting putting barcodes on small toys and discussing a historic building was more enjoyable really.  Who knows what will happen next here.  The lass who bullies me is leaving and no one appears sure what will happen now.  We of course will be the last to know as always.  I'm annoyed she leaves as the place was fun, even if she fussed like a woman and panicked too often, that is my job!  Who knows who will arrive now.

So now I am attempting to return my mind to equilibrium (is that a country?) by reading your blogs and seeking sleep.  As the pic features clouds you may wish to peruse Kays blog tonight as she has a few pictures worth a look, although she always ensures she finds a way of getting into at least one of them!  To make matters worse there is no football to watch tonight, how rough can things be I ask?  In the morning, after shopping, painting and clearing up the weeks mess I will respond to blogs that require, indeed need, an answer, till then I just read and enjoy them.



Carol in Cairns said...

That is a very beautiful photo A-man. Thank you for sharing it.

the fly in the web said...

A beautiful sky....and I'm still laughing at the kidnapper clip...many thanks!

Lee said...

The flooding in certain areas of the UK certainly is devastating and endless, it seems. Poor beggars.

Thanks for the smiles. I didn't realise "Blantz" was an Irish name! ;)

Have a good weekend painting. I hoped you cleaned the walls down first!!!!

Lee said...

By the way...thanks for the pointer towards Kay's blog...I never knew the name of the namer of the clouds.

Forget the football...the Winter Olympics are on...I'm just recovering from all the exercise and energy I expended throughout the month of January watching the tennis; and now I've discovered I've been entered into almost every event at Sochi!

Adullamite said...

Carol, Ta Carol, I like skies, as you may notice. Always look up!

Fly, He was a sweetie, I like him!

Lee, Clean the walls....?

Lee, Winter Olympics? Boring! Speed skating is OK, as is bobsled but nothing else. The 'Team GB hysteria is opffensive to em.

Lee said...

Each to their own opinions, Adullamite. I don't find the Winter Olympics boring at all...I do find football/soccer boring though! ;)

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

It is proper for exhibits to be enclosed in a museum, especially during open hours.