Monday, 18 July 2011

Worn Out Monday


The problem with leaving the 'To-do' list is that it grows as each day goes by. There is always something else 'to-do' to add to the list. I solved that problem at the end of last week by binning the list and starting again.  Today I realised what women were made for!  Everything is done, mostly. The shirts are ironed, sort off, the cooking cooked, the place dusted and polished, and things in the wrong place have been returned to home, well mostly anyway. 
OK I admit there was a bit of cheating occurred, and the main repairs to the bits either broken or falling down are still on the list, that the tea breaks did endure longer than a woman's gossip over the fence and that rain above all kept me from venturing out, but at least an impression has been made. 
That will not need done for at least another two months anyway.


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Mike Smith said...

You're a brave man!