Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tuesday Disturbed


Yesterday I had planned a day of action. The 'to-do' list was sitting on the desk ready to go, so I went.  Naturally my fat, weary body failed me and the day was ruined.

 Today I rose early, avoided the bike and started on the 'To-do' list.
Soon the police were knocking on my door. They wished to meet my neighbour, not me and I let them in and I left them to it, although I thought he was out.
He was.
As he has been declared a 'Missing Person' the police must find and identify him before they drop the enquiry, so they smashed down the door, just in case he was dead. Have you tried to concentrate while two hulking big coppers shake the house with a battering ram? It is very difficult I can tell you.
Later, having bribed them 'News International' style with tea and half price chocolate biscuits I learned something of the tale.  He isn't missing, they just cannot find him.  He has been spotted in a public house this morning, for breakfast, but had roved on his way.
He did look scruffy when I saw him last right enough, but I thought he was off to work, it was around seven in the morning, and it appears he has no work.
He has still not returned home tonight and while the police (who keep knocking on my door) may have found and identified him in one of his watering holes, I fear he may be lying in a ditch somewhere! Surely not?  Mind you when he gets back and sees the state his door is in he may go off and find a river then!
But more, as the door was open two Jehovah's Witnesses walked in as the security conscious police had left the door open. I normally say 'Push of heretic' in a friendly sort of fashion but had began to read about them the other day (was I led into this). The was the usual twosome from the JW's, who are very active around here, one who was well trained in their 'theology' and a quiet newcomer. So I 'debated' against my better judgement in the hope of getting the quiet one to hear something different from their thoughts. This was not a good argument (and it bored the polis next door) as I failed to read all the info all the way through and relied on my memory of reading it years ago. This is not a good idea! I suspect however they will not knock on this door again. There are lots of them around here, and two Mormons walking around. These guys always cry "Hello!" being American and I always cry "Goodbye!" being me. Such chaps are forced to go 'on a mission' as if they don't there are fallouts back home. All very sad really. Mormons stand out as they insist on dressing the same as each other, very Mid West American and stand out in their blue suits, shirt and tie, among the scruffy English like a poppy in a wheat field.    

This unsettled my day, nothing has been done, or at least very little, and most of it has to be done tomorrow, police willing!

Good job I am not one to complain.....



Mike Smith said...

I hope they find him.

FishHawk said...

Could it be that your neighbor is still distraught over the English girls losing to the French?

Adullamite said...

Well I noticed him arriving home around ten as I went to my kip. I have heard nothing from there today, no police so I suspect he has reported in.
Th landlord did ask today if I had seen him. I think he has 'forgotten to pay rent!