Friday, 10 December 2010



Time for another steam engine picture I think. 'The Flying Scotsman' heads out on its journey to Edinburgh from London's Kings Cross station. What a thrill for the passengers, not only getting our of London but heading up to Edinburgh! How lucky can you be? Actually I am not sure this shot was taken at Kings Cross, it is some time since I took the journey and few today can afford the privatised prices anyway! From the 70's until the 90's I often took the train north. The best journey not being with the 'Flying Scotsman' but the 20:00 hours Aberdeen train that did not stop at Edinburgh. Actually it did, and arrived there at three in the morning. Even in the eighties they used old compartment coaches on that train, you know the type that only took eight people at a crunch? Few knew about this trip and I always had a dim compartment to myself. Now that was how to travel by train, as long as you didn't mind travelling at night. The best days of rail travel are behind me now. When rich I will buy a Rolls Royce, OK I will buy anything cheap that moves, and trundle around that way. 



Mike Smith said...

Great photo.

Unknown said...

Yes, that is indeed a great photo, and I would love to take a train ride with you one day. That didn't sound too weird--did it?

Adullamite said...

Indeed Mike

Fish, one day we will take the train across the US. That will be good!