Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tuesday Babble

So we put off yesterdays driving lesson because of the snow, and today we decided to miss out because of the black ice. Being wise the lesson has been rearranged for Friday. Now the weather man has warned us about a repeat of the snow Thursday night and Friday morning! Oh Goody!
However the sun did shine today. the sky was blue here, and walking on the pavements was similar to going down the 'Cresta Run!' I canny wait for tomorrow!

This nurse offered to pray for one of her patients, and next thing we know she is in front of a disciplinary hearing, for causing offence! Oh yeah? How can such a simple offer cause offence and require a disciplinary hearing? I get offered double glazing on the phone, can I sue for being offended? How ridiculous this nation has become. However this is typical of the treatment Christians must expect from now on. This type of persecution, for that is what it is, will occur more often as the atheist lobby grow even more powerful. The apparent notion of avoiding offence, usually to homosexuals and ethnic minorities, at first glance appears fair, we ought to treat everyone fairly. However this opens the way for persecution of anyone who holds opinions the political correct decide are right. Christians, who care for folk and therefore object to anything that harms them in Gods eyes, are the main, but not the only, target here. The common sense and common decency that appeared to exist a few years ago has gone. A rush to law, and a claim for 'rights,' which in reality means money, has taken its place.

This nurse does no wrong and is attacked. My nation suffers prejudice daily and no-one objects. It's a funny old world we live in today! 'Daily Mail'

MATT in the Daily Telegraph is one of the most consistent cartoonists around. For many years he has brought a smile out of a variety of situations. Here he comments on 'Total' bringing Italian and Portuguese workers into the UK. This has led to 'wildcat' strikes from those fearful of losing their jobs during the 'Credit Crunch.' For me he is always worth a look!


dani c said...

God this really makes me wanna seek a new profession. Oh wait,I shouldn't have used the term God huh? Ok nix that I meant Gosh..

Mike Smith said...

Don't you despair at the way this country is going?

FishHawk said...

If we really are as close to the end as some want to believe, it's going to get a lot worse. On the other hand, even if we aren't all that close to the end, this does not mean that it's going to get any better. Now, how's that for optimism???

Adullamite said...

Dani: You are now on a charge! Report to the cells immediately.

Mike: Don't despair. There will always be good around.

Fish: That's just how it is! But it was ever thus! make the most of the time.

FishHawk said...


wowcthis said...

re Snow.
Very picturesque. Green fields and wall to wall sunshine in Dfs & Gall.