Friday, 27 February 2009


Friday Blogging is for the aged, the decrepit, the sick or the loner. That is the impression I get when Friday comes around. Sure the parent or babysitter will be tuned in, although I suggest young babysitters will be tuned in elsewhere via a mobile phone or a 'Bebo' connection. But most folk are just too busy having a life to blog about having a life. Do you remember when we had a life? One day we must blog about that.Anyway that leaves us! While the world fills itself with the delights on offer we are left to pass on to the unheeding masses our vital communications that may not be read until Monday, if at all that is. Does this cruel world not realise what it misses on a Friday night? Can they afford to ignore all those keys that are pressed while they face the real world? Or could this be the reason they are sitting in public houses, theatres, cinemas restaurants and the like? Does the need to keep the nations economy turning drive them out or is it the inane self deluding babble that often results from a keyboard under control of the wrong person make them run to the bright lights?. What are you looking at me for?

Had there been an audience available I would have bored informed you with the state of my knees. I have become so unfit sitting here writing begging letters, not worth the effort I must say no-one answers during a recession, and getting back into the habit of cycling daily is a priority. The bad weather, flu bugs that never die and sloth have all combined to lessen the exercise and my knees are so stiff whenever I wander around the locale. Knee ache makes me wish I could afford the cost of the 'Thai Massage and Takeaway Curry Service.' This is a blow in several ways. However I will await next week when Spring itself is officially unveiled once more and rejoicing can begin! I love the Spring, it is my favourite time of year. It speaks of new life, warmth and gladness and makes me want to break out into poetry. Thankfully I will resist this - for the time being.

The potential audience stuffing 'Tikka Marsala' or 'Chop Suey' down their throat while swallowing industrial quantities of Chardonnay may not be interested in my adventures in 'Tesco' or 'Sainsburys.' Neither am I to be honest. Just another day of looking for 'value' produce and wondering why my idea of 'Men Only' shopping days never took off. I did suggest this in times past in the local paper and received nothing but abuse from women who think their selfish, slow way of trailing around a shop slowly, blocking aisles with their trolleys or gathering in groups to gossip is acceptable.Phone calls and letters to the paper showed a lack of equality in this area. However I continue with my search for a better shopping environment. When confronted with Tracy and her friends behaving like the Chavs they are I may suggest a friendly word like 'GERROUTOFTHEWAYBINT' which doesn't always bring a favourable response. I can confirm that the suggestion at the checkout "Using two hands to pack bags rather than use the other one to talk to Sharon on the phone" would be easier, also brings a breakdown in communication. Picking up a sponge and offering this to them while questioning whether this had fallen out of their skull often goes slightly over their head I find. However, no-one is interested in such things as this on a Friday.

Friday is a time for fun and laughter, a time to let the hair down and a ....O sod that. I'm off to bed. Goodnight.


The TEFL Don said...

Graham move to live with our Muslim brothers then your Thursday could be Friday!

See problem solved.

1st Lady said...

Love the cartoon! And let me tell you, I hate grocery shopping with a passion. I zoom around the aisles grabbing a weeks worth of supplies, giving dirty looks to those walking slower than I, or blocking my way, and then I'm out of there, AND, I do know some men that will happily stroll aisle through aisle enjoying the grocery shop experience. Not I!

Adullamite said...

The thing is dear, you are an intelligent woman, and there are so few of those around these days. :)

1st Lady said...

I do agree! My dirty looks to those slow shoppers around me are of the highest quality, if I do say so myself!