Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Obama. Only One Question.

How long before some white, right wing, nutter shoots him?


Mulled Vine said...

... or they repaint the white house.

1st Lady said...

That's exactly what L.Muck was saying to me earlier (about the shooting).

Da Old Man said...

I'm wondering how long until he destroys my country?

Da Old Man said...

And why do you assume the right wing will do something? You don't get all the news over there. Here, we were threatened with riots if Obama lost.
We had Black Panthers, dressed in para military outfits, armed with billy clubs, standing outside voting areas. We had districts with over 100% of the people voting. We had districts with ballots pre-marked for Obama.
And the right wing has the nutters to fear?
The news you receive is heavily filtered and spun dry.

Sandra said...

I heard there has been attempts already.