Sunday, 26 October 2008

Winter Sets in

This morning the clocks go back. Most folk enjoy an extra hours sleep, although those working overnight may lose out and others with pets and children may find no difference of course. This time change signifies winters approach, and a glance out the window ensures us it has arrived. Clouds swoop over the land drenching the north west of the nation and sweeping the loose leaves from the trees. No wonder Americans call this time of the year 'fall.' Not only do the leaves fall from the trees, those of us walking over the slippery beasts fall flat also when meeting them. Onlookers love that mind.


Mike Rose said...

Did I hear you mention the "W" word dear boy? What exactly is that.... ah I remember now. I worry about you to much exposure in the States...the fall! next thing you'll be calling your Mum Mom! Hope you had a nice weekend, it was only 32c here.

Gerry Hatrić said...

The only way I remember which way the clocks go is that they spring forward and fall back, so don't knock the old Septics (in this case).