Thursday, 23 October 2008

Loose Women

Just what is the point of this programme 'Loose Women?' Is it to show us the considered debates about life today from a group of 'liberated ladies?' Or could it be it wants the viewer to believe that women should never have been given the vote in the first place as clearly there is no intellectual ability of any depth to be found here among these ageing slappers? Just what is the point of this? Just because you are of a 'certain age' does not mean you have to appear as 'mutton dressed as lamb,' and there is a lot of 'mutton' on show here! Nor does it mean you have to bring the conversation around to yourself constantly, which appears to be the only subject on offer - themselves! Four women sitting in a row talking about their bodies, sex, themselves, lipstick, sex, themselves, drink, sex, and themselves! A thousand million are at starvation level, millions go to bed hungry, a credit crunch is closing work places worldwide, possible nuclear war bides its time in the middle east, and these bints talk only about their weight problems and sagging skin, both subjects which need no introduction to the viewer it must be said! Just what is the point?

Now put four men in a row and what will they talk about? Their weight, their sex lives, their skin condition? I doubt it although rude remarks may pass and be replied to. No men would discuss thongs outside of themselves, football, war, motorbikes, indeed anything that matters, yet they are never given a programme in which to do this. I wonder why? Women's absurd fascination with trivia, as heard while waiting in Tesco for another self indulgent bint filling her bag while discussing nothing at all with the checkout girl, and she could get onto this programme quite easily I can tell you, their fascination with talking about nothing never ends! Why? If you have nothing to say don't say it! This will enable you to move your trolley out of folks way in considerably less time than it does now! Then you can go home and watch video tapes of 'Loose Women,' it doesn't matter how old the tape is, the subject will be the same, as will the unbelievable outfits!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that's what people want to watch, and I'm thinking that most folks who watch TV are women. I'm the sort of man who only watches the news and football on the telly.

Oprah would be nothing without these "sisters" of hers!

King's Kid said...

Gee Whiz Graham,

Why don't you just say what is on your mind? LOL


FishHawk said...

Perhaps a better grade of denture cream would help???

The TEFL Don said...

Thank God I'm in Thailand, you don't get too many bunny boilers here!
Now they have their own TV show, I somehow can't see it replacing the footie, but I guess you can never be sure. By the way I originate from near Crich, so I enjoyed yesterdays offering.

1st Lady said...

I've not seen this show, can you send me your recorded episodes? Ta! Bad day at the grocery store then?