Saturday, 20 September 2008

Saturday Morning

Friday night's inability to sleep, caused by dozing too long after what passed for lunch, was followed by waking up at five thirtyish and being unable to sleep. Already the mornings are dark and it was at least half an hour before the grayness disappeared and blue began to tinge the sky. I had to deposit a note into the council office on the far side of the park so not long after seven I dragged my hulk out into what has become a wonderful bright chilly morning. As the sun rose it caused a mist to slowly rise from the field and some of that can be seen in the photo above.

When I lived in the Notting Hill area of London I was struck by the down at heel appearance of much of the northerly part of the district. However, when the sun shone even the most dowdy areas came alive and took on a welcoming aspect. It never fails to amaze me how such a thing as natural daylight gives folk a lift. Some in the UK suffer from a depression caused by too little sunshine, mostly the Scots naturally. P.G.Wodehouse's comment that it was "It is seldom difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman and a ray of sunshine," was not without reason. It is the incessant gray cloud that hangs over the nation that gives us that natural cynicism that has done so much to improve the world around us.

So the rising sun has brought life to the nation, the world turns on its way, another Saturday begins to get into gear, and I am back of to bed. Only postmen get up this early in the real world!

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