Monday, 8 September 2008

Antivirus XP 2008

Just what I needed! This thing arrived on my PC on Saturday as I linked to the Edinburgh Evening News. Now I do not think the News was complicit here, I reckon it got in somehow or other and I was suddenly confronted with several screens. There was 'AVG' informing me of a virus. So I followed the recommendation and hit the 'Heal' button. Then a screen for the 'Antivirus XP 2008' appeared and pretended it was scanning and discovering several thousand bugs! All false of course. At around this time (I am confused as to what came in what order, it was fast and furious) the 'Windows Firewall' appeared telling me it was switched off. I switched it on, and now think this was a false screen from the enemy opening the real Firewall! The PC was running very slowly by now.

I attempted to run AVG but this would not work, the brute had turned it off.

Not knowing what to do I looked on the web for advice. But everything relevant to anti virus took me only to their false screens selling me their offerings. When attempting to get the Microsoft site it gave me the screen associated with not being logged on to the web! I could not get out of this. I also noticed that when I clicked on this blog it came up but with their ads and not the normal 'Google' ones along the top. I was getting nowhere and somewhat peeved.

However, as IE and Firefox were infected I remembered I had downloaded Google Chrome but not installed it as yet. This I found was not affected by the baddies (and does not appear to have been so since.) Through this I could search for help.

I first used Windows One care which scrubbed much, but not all, of this virus. This was useful, but takes over an hour to scan (don't they all). Later I brought down the 'Avast' anti virus which I ran as I restarted the PC. The first time I used it there was one baddy captured, so I 'healed' this. This did not help much. I realised I needed to put the bug into 'The Chest.' So I ran it again as I logged in and this time I put in 'The Chest' all that came up. This worked!

I then used 'Windows One care' plus 'AVG' once more. Time flies when having fun!

Now after all this things are much better but when I log in 'AVG' tells me off a virus, (C:\WINDOWS\syst32\pphc75?0e57v.exe) which I attempt to put it in the vault, but it says 'Access denied.' So I 'heal' it. I find 'Windows One Care' claims the same thing. This happens whenever I start the PC. I do not believe it is healed, and do not know if it is causing problems or looking to pinch details of anything on the PC.

As I write this Windows One Care is running, and suddenly 'AVG' has just told me of three infections. It could not remove them it says, however 'One Care' has also brought two to my attention and so they are 'cleaned' (maybe)! I wonder!

This is a right little blighter (not a word you hear often) and beginning to annoy me. Until I can remove it I am wary as to what it is doing there! How did I let it in? I am sure the firewall was on. From what I read this is difficult to remove, and I write this for your warning. I think it is time I kept a 'Geek' in the spare cupboard. This could go on for ever!

(Later) Fixed the brute!
A good guy suggested the Bleeping Computer and from there I obtained Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware which removed the beast and other things also! I am so happy now!


However this morning I went driving again. Each week he has a surprise for me, roundabouts, Colchester, and this week - Dual Carriageways! After wandering north and venturing through Sudbury, a town built entirely out of one way systems, we took the twisting road towards Ipswich. That slowed the average speed down I can tell you! Each week there is always one who wants to pass, cannot find an opportunity, and is going all they way with us! When I turn off he follows, glaring and grimacing and gnashing teeth. I do feel for them, but at least only one or two have taken chances and passed us when it was unwise! None today I am glad to say. However, we ended up on the edge of Ipswich and came back home, overtaking lorries and slow drivers at nearly 80 at times! I have overtaken the occasional dustcart and milk float before now, but trying to look several ways at high speed is a novelty! I confess I am still shaking! Done it though.


I would mention Scotland's performance in Macedonia, but our friend Redfinger might log on just to laugh! Typical Scotland, the sight of hot sunshine causes them to lie about on the grass and the fact that their opponents don't lie down always fools us! Still, there is hope a plenty, isn't there? Come on, this is Scotland, do you expect success? Tsk!

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Mike Smith said...

Fear not, George Burley says he's confident of getting a good result in Iceland. Twenty pork sausages for 99p...

ps I've heard John Cumming is seriously ill. Another Hearts legend looks likely to leave us.