Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Orissa Violence

It always appears to my mind that it is easy to ensure a violent mob in India. A brief look at the papers there inform us of violence in various parts of that great state caused by religious or political differences. Often the reasons have little to do with the actual complaint and are the result of someone somewhere making use of the variety around them to further their own aims. Human nature often cares little for what damage selfish ambition can do.

There is a conflict between the Hindu nationalists and other religions. Christianity and Islam are seen as 'foreign' and 'non Indian' therefore they ought to be opposed. As always politicians use this as a weapon for advancement. In Orissa trouble has broken out in the past between Christians and Hindu parties. Several were killed before Christmas and many houses and church premises burnt down. On Saturday night a Swami, leader of the VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad) was shot dead, most claim by a Maoist group. This did not stop the Hindu's using this as an excuse to attack Christians in the state. Again buildings were destroyed and one young woman burnt alive in an orphanage where she worked.

The national government minorities commission declared that the State government had failed to protect the Christian minority, and it certainly looks that this has occured on this occasion also.

India, one of the leading nations in the next hundred years has an appalling record of human misery regarding minority groups and needs to remember the secular status of the Indian Constitution. The situation in which, laggardly, the authorities eventually make an effort to control the situation is unacceptable. It is time for central government to step in and take control. How many more must die in needless violence for the sake of political ambition in Orissa?

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Isaiah said...

I'm really saddened by this and praying for our Indian brethren who are undergoing such terrible persecution.

Here's a full picture on the situation:

Sidharth said...


over 200 houses were burnt. many friends neighbor (pastor) was cut into 4 pieces...

I have details of it from people living there. If you'd like to read about it, please e-mail me.

The early church when faced with such threats, they cried out to Abba not to save them from persecution but to grant them boldness to preach the Gospel. I pray the same for my people.