Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Kaunas 2 Rangers 1. GLORY!!!!!!!!!!

What a glorious night for Scottish football! Yes indeed the arrogant Rangers football club, the club who alongside Celtic football club, dominate the SFA, the Media and, even worse, the referees, have suffered the worst defeat imaginable, and how Scotland rejoices!

Consider this, Kaunas are Lithuanian Champions. Their nation prefers basketball to football and the club have crowds of no more than a thousand or so, Rangers on the other hand claim nearly fifty thousand attend their ground, at least when all is going well. Consider also the owner of Kaunas football club, the much maligned Vladimer Romanov! Indeed the man who owns the Heart of Midlothian also has his hands on kaunas, and this club has fed many players to the Hearts over the past couple of years. Indeed some have been worth having, but not all. Romanov has suffered badly at the hands of the Glasgow dominated press because he spoke out in a way that offended their hold over the nation. Certainly he went over the top on occasions but to indicate a belief that the SFA and referees were giving subtle (subtle!) support to the old firm, and recieved support from the Glasgow based media, who make money from the Old firm fans, was a call well recieved by fans of many clubs. All Scots clubs have memories of biased decisions which have gone against them during games versus the old firm. Far too many to consider this coincidence. Therefore the idea that this little club should defeat the 'mighty Rangers' is one that brought cries of joy throughout the country. Every club has been lifted by the defeat of the blue bigots and every fan now finds themselves rejoicing uncontrollably! Whether Vlad has stopped laughing yet is worth considering. I doubt however that the 'Daily Record' or the 'Scottish Sun' will mention Vlads tears of laughter.

Naturally this does have an effect on the 'co-efficient' and could affect the number of clubs entering European competition in the future. This is sad, although Aberdeens great run in the Uefa competition last season will certainly help. It is unlikely that Queen of the South, a first division side, who qualified from being cup finalists and pushed Rangers all the way there also, whether they can go far is debatable. At least they will hold their heads up whatever happens.

Somewhere it says 'Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, or the Lord will put on you his fall.' I accept this, but in this case I consider it worth the risk!

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Mike Smith said...

Did you see Jim White on Sky Sports News? Poor lad was almost in tears...