Sunday 23 June 2024

Scotland in Germany

Having done it in Munich and Cologne, the Scots are now painting Stuttgart tartan also!
Everywhere they have gone the Scots have made friends.  Drink abounded but no trouble followed, they met German and Swiss opponents and partied together whatever the score.  Fans from other nations joined in, and the local police were so happy to see them everywhere.  So much so that it was said the Stuttgart police were asking for overtime just to mix with the Scots!  
Lets see that happen with England!
The local Mayors are asking for them to stay on, businesses produced Sots flavoured sausages and other foodstuffs, ever a local whisky shop managed a special blend.  Locals felt safe around the Scots,  non women was known to have been hindered, all felt safe.  Following standard practice the 'Tartan Army' gave £5000 to a Cologne organisation so disabled kids could have two days of football on them, and this is not unusual for them.  
Now, awaiting the final game, another last game cup final as it were, the 'Tartan Army' has filled rain soaked Stuttgart and found it just like home!  Again they party, again win or lose they will party, again they will be cheered as the best fans at the tournament.
This of course is a tournament where the Dutch, Danish and Swiss fans have also partied, and they can all party!  I suppose all that is missing here are the Irish!  We will be mixing with Hungarian fans tonight and probably are already.  The party in the rain will continue, the result will not stop that.  However, we must win to continue to remain here in Germany, all Germany wishes us to remain, so I hope we have a German referee...

8 pm our time I will be settled in for the night, awaiting joy or despair as always. At least I will be out of the rain here.
Now is the time for the Scottish Tourist Board to operate in Germany, and vice versa.  Make the most of this contact and encourage more, this will benefit both nations.  


the fly in the web said...

That late goal.....such a shame for the fans who have been marvelous ambassadors for Scotland.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Indeed. But the whole shape was wrong, to backward and poor. It's what we do best...