Monday 17 June 2024

I Say BBC!

We are all well aware re the BBCs political correctness and their 'lefty liberal' approach, though that does not appear on the BBC News where the Conservative Party and far-right headbangers rule, but this one is interesting.  The advert, for a music producer, is aimed at people who are disabled.  There are certain things you must 'identify' as including being 'dead.'  Somehow I am unsure that this is a typing error.  
Another vacancy includes reference to 'Sliced Bread.'  I remain unsure as to whether this is a programme or providing sandwiches for the workers.  
This of course I found on Twitter, where it originates I know not, but it will please the 'Daily mail' and the moron readership awaiting the opportunity to spell their name next to the 'Reform' candidate.

I wonder if this is true?  It certainly appears that way, as all those still with large lands tend to be Lords and Dukes etc.  Whether they have any money is of course another story but they do posses much land.  It is slightly different in Scotland, the richest, largest landowner I think is a rich Dutchman, though that may just be my memory.  However, it may well be those landowners might be the descendants of Willie, you and I may be descendants of them also, hopefully.   

How many do you still have in the cupboard?


the fly in the web said...

Now there's a way to make money from beyond the grave!
I have none of the items pictured...but I wish I had some of them! Why is the Lucozade in the nude? Where is its orange wrapper?
And what I'd give for loose tea....

Adullamite said...

Fly, I'm sure I have some somewhere...