Saturday 15 June 2024

Insurance Robbery

A glance at the calendar informs me that Thursday will be the Summer Equinox.  From that date the days get shorter and the nights longer.  I am not sure this will make much difference to us!
I spent a wee while attempting to log in on the Home Insurance site.  This did not work, probably because it has run out and they have not informed me.  Tsk!  So I did a search of the overpriced Home Insurance sites, hoping to get a quick answer.  Eventually I got one, paid, and await the documents arriving soon...  We shall see.  These folks are as crooked as energy companies and estate agents so something will go amiss unless the years finishes first.  Online of course, so no lying at the other end, bar difficult to read print.  It is cheap, as is all things in this house.

It's noticeable how little place is given in the 'Online Mail' to politics these days.  I suppose they are mostly concerned with their own in house politics perhaps?  Little liking for Sunak, much coverage of the lying Farage, but I do not think they like him either, maybe they fear him?  Celebs and royals fill the space, with the same people clicking on each story.  


the fly in the web said...

I remember French insurers...we had a tempest...a whirlwind roaring down the river at the bottom of the garden and lost a chimney.
Insurers response? Our weather station shows no tempest. Where was the weather station? 50 kilometres away.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Insurance is indeed a scam and it is worse today than ever. I blame Brexit!