Wednesday 28 February 2024


I have nothing to say, but people say that does not normally stop you saying it!
This I fail to comprehend.
Trying to think of something to say when in strangers company can be difficult.  I am not good at small talk, I come from Edinburgh, we only talk big.  Some friends I have known were brilliant at small talk, they could talk to anybody about anything without causing embarrassment or warfare, this I find difficult.  
It is one thing in Tesco to irritate the young lass by small talk there, it does not go deep, and in the museum in times past I could easily I found, deal with people arriving especially kids.  However, in more serious situations I flounder.  Not that I have been in any serious situation for some time, nor do I wish to be in one.  I am happy hiding away unless I wish fresh air.  
Women I say, can talk easily.  My mum could not go anywhere without finding someone to gossip with.  This was not chattering re the great moments of life, just chattering, and she, and I note many other women, could do this easily.  Not talking appeared to be a sin!  Just imagine what it was like with three women in our house!  How the neighbours coped I know not. 
Politicians talk is of course another thing.  Until recently a politician would never lie, they just did not speak the truth.  Any question put to them would get half an answer, the half they wanted to promote.  No lie passed their lips, but neither did they accept or speak the truth.  Today, since Boris Johnson, lying bare-faced to the questioner has become the norm.  Refusing a straight answer, basic lying and avoiding giving an answer is now Tory policy.  Even the Speaker of the House has joined in.
Children can lie, they also know when an adult lies.  Kids have a straight forward appreciation of 'right and wrong' you cannot fool them.  Maybe we should use them in speaking to MPs?
But as for me I have little to say at any time.  In fact, I often sit here and don't even talk to myself.  
There are many who wish to do this also.  Even scammers do not speak to me.  One called to day but when I answered the line went dead.  It was an 02039 number, used by scammers claiming to be the HMRC and calling about a tax bill.  Click No 1 to reply it would say.  However, I did not get that far and so have avoided yet more red tape, though this time fake tape, and someone somewhere in Pakistan will be sad about this.  Pity, I had something to say to him...


the fly in the web said...

Here we get people saying that they are from the local council, checking up on something or other. They don't stand a chance...I view the local council as being peopled by unscrupulous scoundrels so treat the scammer as if they did indeed work on the council. Put the 'phone down.....from which you can tell we still have a landline!

Adullamite said...

Fly, Yes a landline, I still have mine but I think that is the problem with the router! This I will fix soon...