Wednesday 21 February 2024


I have been fantasying of buying a car.  Considering I have no money this will remain a fantasy for some time.  However, I could do with one, not just to 'get about' the locale, but to travel far distance and see people I have not seen in years.  Or 'family' as they are called.  
There are problems other than being skint of course, since obtaining the licence I have not driven.  Being unemployed at the time, getting aid to do the lessons, I ha
ve not had the cash to buy a car.  Now I have moved from the pauper stage up into the poverty stage I can begin to dream of greater things.  
Now I know a recent death has left me some cash, though exact amount is unclear, but even with the money how do I buy a car?  And, as I age can my mind cope with all that is involved now?  I forget so many things, this memory lapse could be dangerous on a road, so I hesitate here.  
Maybe I could convince a bright young blonde to chauffer me?
What?  Oh...

Much political shenanigans in the House today.  I did not observe this, I could not contain myself if I did, but a proposal to bring peace to Gaza has caused war in politics.  Naturally, this was meant.  By bringing this proposal the SNP wanted to embarrass Labour, many of whom get backhanders from Israeli lobbyists, and force a rebellion from the Labour backbenchers.  Labour, allegedly, demanded the Speaker allowed an amendment, from them, or they would chuck him out after the next election.  The Speaker, not the best ever known in the House, gave in.  Now a vote on a Tory amendment is also looming.  
I canny mind a parliament so absurd and awful as what we have today.  I can recall MacMillan and many since then, I recall many problems in the House, but this lot are a new low.  The Tory cabinet and junior ministers lie in their teeth to keep their job.  They know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, yet they lie.  Well, one or two may not know if they are lying to tell the truth, one or two are less intelligent than a dead parrot yet have a ministers job!  
The opposition cannot tell us what a woman is, in case they lose the deviant vote, even the more sensible members are on the take and unclear as to their own policies, these change daily at the moment, and do not impress with policies to put the nation back together again.  They merely want to be in power!
At least an election will bring a change, but what?


the fly in the web said...

Starmer's amendment is a stinker...I had thought better of Lindsay Hoyle, but, as usual, am disappointed.
As to transport, would the windfall be better spent on flying to see the family...I would say take the train, but that costs much more from what I gather. Apart from the cost of the car there is all the maintenance, M.O.T. and whatnot.
Still a car is so very convenient - and dry in the winter. You could advertise your need of a chauffeur in the parish magazine....or perhaps best not...
Come to that, why not buy an electric scooter and commit mayhem on the pavements of Braintree...

Kay G. said...

I think you should hire limos to take you wherever you want to go!

Adullamite said...

Fly, Yes, those costs mount up and that is a problem.

Kay, You think maybe, that I am as rich as you? Tsk!