Monday 26 February 2024


One of my beautiful and highly intelligent nieces posted on facebook a wee while ago something about life always being one thing or another.   Well yes, that's what it is.  One day you are up, the next down, nothing runs smoothly for long, this she needed to remember, is how it is.
Life here has been slow, but smooth in a way.  Yesterday I was fed by the neighbour, she gave me a roast dinner!  I gave them a bottle of wine and that pleased him, I'm not sure how much she got...
A couple of nights ago she knocked on my door with a question regarding the young lass in the other flat.  This ended with a promise of a dinner, which she brought up to me, after 6 pm.  I had been expecting this at 2 or 3 pm but there you go.  I had eaten by the time it arrived and forced this down.  It was fabulous!  I have eaten little today. This is all well and good.  I had been seeking a chance to meet them more.
On the other hand, when my friend decided to die last year she left me money in her will.  I expected a few hundred but she gave me a huge sum!  Stunned as I am I managed to let it happen.  Now I wonder what to do with it?  Naturally, this means informing the Council regarding the Housing Benefit, which will now stop.  I canny mind if I need to tell the pension people, but I'm sure I must.  So, here I am now with a bit in the bank awaiting news of the changes ahead.  I will survive, bills will be paid, changes will occur.  Easy come, easy go it appears.  1st world problems.  
However, my weight, at 15 stone, has increased today by 2 pounds.  As there was no need to eat today. I also exercised in an attempt to reduce things more.  Crossing to the council office, then around the town to Tesco to save me rising early in the morning, obtaining a couple of needy things and nothing else I hobbled home.   What with checking paperwork, online info, printing things, letter writing, and so on, I have filled the day well.  Tomorrow I may even do something useful!  
You will note I scribbled this in a hurry...


the fly in the web said...

I am glad that your friend appreciated your least, by the time the government has taken most of it off you you can buy a few pies.
But really, really glad for you!

Adullamite said...

Fly, Checking the cash after government interference, there may be no more pies!