Friday 23 February 2024

Slow Friday

I was loitering without intent around lunchtime today when the Amazon driver appeared.  This is a good guy, he often calls, rarely for me, and was struggling with his phone.  The lass next door has allowed the number to fall from the bell and he must have been confused by this.  Normally they just ring mine.  He is a gentleman and attempted to call her, receiving no answer as she is working, so eventually rang my bell.  Another box for next door, quite light, which is just as well, and I am happy to take them in.  
I even saw our dim postman walking dreamily in the rain yesterday, no mail for us obviously, but it could be he has put it in next door.   We wait and see.  Royal Mail is awful these days, all because of privatisation and the greedy bosses trying to make the parcel side succeed.  This, some say, is because they wish to buy it themselves!  The more I look at Keir Starmer the more I realise there is no chance of this privatisation being reversed.  Indeed, I winder if anything will change.  The more I consider Starmer the less I like him.  If only we had a sensible 3rd option.

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