Thursday, 13 February 2020


Now Sajid Javid was not one of my favourite politicians.  He gave the impression there was little he would not do to reach the top, compromise was OK with him.  Today we see another brighter side to the man.  Instead of replacing all his top Treasury advisers on the orders of Dominic Cummings, our real Prime minister, he has resigned and refused such orders.  
Good man!  
However his replacement, Rishi Sunak, a man with no idea what life is like for 'the man in the street,' has taken his place.  Sunak has only been an MP for 5 years, has little experience of fighting behind the scenes, although he was 'Secretary to the Treasury' and has an economics degree, but is now under orders to change everything to suit Dominic.  If he allows this he may last a while but we know who is pulling the purse strings at the Treasury.
I wonder if Boris knows...?

The removal of some is neither a surprise or a loss to the nation.  The loathsome Leadsom has been dumped and I suspect will not be missed.  On the back benches she might be found sitting beside Theresa May, I doubt they will discuss children however.  
Quite a list head for the door, Dominic has clearly been busy.  Esther McVey, Theresa Villiers,  Northern Ireland Secretary Julian Smith, who I think also talked back, Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, he who 'forgot to mention £400,000  and ran an illegal fox hunt on his land wishes MPs to question Judges before appointment, and Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan along with Transport ministers George Freeman and Nusrat Ghani who you had never heard off but possibly disagreed with HS2 so get dumped, all these go.
New names of the unknown take their place.  More nobody's you have never heard off, more mistakes, buffoonery and false promises to come.  The future is looking good innit?  Another election within a year I say?



the fly in the web said...

Does it remind you of the Spitting Image spoof on Thatcher orering dinner for herself and the cabinet...
I'll have the steak
And the vegetables,Madam?
They'll have the same.
P.G. Wodehouse wrote about the
Hollywood of his day where the moguls were surrounded by a hierachy of nodders and yes men...sounds like Boris' new ministers.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Indeed, a yes man cabinet if ever there was one. Dominic is in Margaret's place however.

Jenny Woolf said...

I haven't been watching the news lately but Javid's departure did cross my radar. I'm delighted to read of all the people who have been dumped. Whoever Cummings replaces them with, the loss of this unpleasant group surely cannot be mourned too greatly????

Adullamite said...

Jenny, You lucky thing not watching news. The problem with dumping the bad guys is that worse replaces them! It does not look good.