Friday, 4 May 2018

Friday Frippery

Having struggled to do so yesterday I eventually made it to the shopping centre today to enquire about mealworm pellets to feed the birds.  I found the big shop there sells them and has plenty in stock.  However at £3:50 for a bag that costs £1 in the other shops or £2 in the wee pet supply shop I can see why they are a big national company.
I trudged home via the Marks & Sparks food hall spending my money there on overpriced foodstuffs, though I failed to see the meat I wanted, the greedy Friday shoppers had got in first.  Still I got something and the empty fridge was pleased.
Later I ventured out for bird seed and found a tub costing £5:99, from which I got 10% off as the top was broken, and a similar tub in the big pet shop cost £12:50!!!!  I am amazed!
Since then, birds happily squabbling outside, I have spent an enormous amount of time attempting to log in to the online bank.  I appear to have made a mess of the password so changed it after three attempts to log in, then after several more failed attempts I changed the next bit.  This also failed after I changed it so I am none to happy with the bank that now says I must change things again!
I went into a huff instead.
Where would we be without technology...?

The local elections did not trouble me yesterday sadly, we had no vote this time, this is disappointing as I like to  vote for someone who fails to unseat the Tory.  However in spite of the Tory press claiming victory when you stand back it is clear Labour and the LIb-Dems did well and the Tory succeeded simply because UKIP voters returned to vote for the Tory party.  The 'Swivel-eyed-Loons' are coming home.
Those Brexit areas full of Little Englanders and racists continued to vote Conservative, elsewhere folks voted against Brexit by choosing the Lib-Dem though our Conservative dominated council lost a seat and now one member of the Labour Party can be found there, that area is not a UKIP stronghold however.  
Not much change overall, no change in Tory cost cutting hitting the poorest, no change in the mess that is Downing Street, no change in the nation.  A sad day.
I did notice the  Conservative members in Peterborough in that picture.  The many Asians there are renown for their hard work and Tory approach, I wonder if they will remain loyal to the party when the Home Office visits and tells them they are 'Not British' and about to be deported back to Pakistan or India...?


the fly in the web said...

On that reasoning my mother would need a case..or two
Our online bank demands a password of eight letters....imagine Leo's surprise when it then wanted him to fill out the 6th, 11th and 13th letters of said password.

Kay G. said...

At least when you feed your birds you don't have to worry about feeding the squirrels the way that we do! Although I have read that the grey squirrel is becoming a pest there like it is here.
Ha ha on the sign.

Adullamite said...

Fly, I'm with Leo here!!!

Kay, No squirrels in this house, plenty over there. Gray squirrels are hardy, the Red ones do not survive so well and people blame gray squirrels wrongly.

Dave said...

I find that Wilco do the best priced bird food and feeders too.

Adullamite said...

Dave, Cheers, there may be one in the big town.