Sunday, 27 May 2018

Band in the Park

The weather brought the band into the ark today.  The people crowded around, the regulars in their folding chairs, some on blankets, all with picnics and drinks around.  The crowd was smaller than usual as the long weekend and half term coincide and many are off at this time of year, some for the weekend some for the week.  Mostly the gathering is of those of an elderly persuasion, they noting the band playing 'When I'm 64' and muttering "When was I 64?" at many parts of the ground.  

The church had decided to picnic there and quite a few had congregated by the time I arrived.  They went straight from church to sit in the sunshine while I staggered home after serving teas and coffees, washing up afterwards and then having to eat and sleep it off!  I was not down to work this morning but as the woman was sick I foolishly went into the kitchen and was pounced on to help.  It is difficult to refuse some people.  The quiet pleading voice that indirectly mentions a situation while leaving open the chance for you to 'volunteer' in spite of everything else.

There is a serious anomaly in this world, children can run around a park, in bright hot sunshine, for hours.  You and I try this and within minutes we are under the nearest tree for shade or under the doctor for a new heart.  Surely a better idea would be to give kids sloth, and allow them slowly to develop energy while keeping the high levels up well into the senile years?  I see nothing wrong with that.  Young folks full of energy and bright ideas with no understanding of the world ought to be banned, while folks with such understanding ought to be given energy to put their plans into action.
Life isn't fair!

The music gently rolled along, though why they sat in the direct sunlight I do not understand, and the population rolled along with it.  The kids rushing around, the old crones mature lolling in their chairs or on one of the benches, few actually speaking to strangers I noted.  I did try this with a man shoving his kid back and forth on the swings but he took fright and ran off.  Maybe it was me?

Sun shining through leaves, a kind of hundred foot Fern here.  Lovely to see the bright colours when the sun shines.

Whatever they are were nesting happily in the sunshine.  One or two similar found elsewhere.  I think I prefer Blue flowers more than others these days.

As I sauntered home I noted a pilot taking advantage of the clear skies to add a few hours to his log book.  This was more than those flying from Stansted Airport last night could do, the lightning which flashed around here hit the fuel delivery service.  Planes were trapped on the ground as they could not refuel, others were delayed by the hold up and all flights have problems.  The passengers were unhappy but as many travel 'Ryanair'  that is to be expected.  

Tomorrow folks will be walking around the colour of beetroot! 


the fly in the web said...

Leo thinks that no one under seventy should have the vote....

Adullamite said...

Fly, "Cough" I think he meant 'under 66.'

the fly in the web said...

To be sure he did...

Adullamite said...

Fly, Good man.