Friday, 6 November 2015

Spam Art

During the past couple of weeks I have begun to relieve around 20-30 spam a day from clearly one crook.  He uses several names as addresses and changes them almost daily.  Among the names are,,,, @SYNTAX_ERROR and around thirty others.  Some contain my first name, others offer the usual trash.  This sort of thing happens now and again and I suspect it is the same people responsible from times past.  No idea what they are after, I doubt anything they sell is genuine, and I have not clicked on them to see what they offer.   However it is annoying to get so many constantly from the same crowd of crooks.  Sending millions of these worldwide is fine if people respond but how many actually do respond?  I suppose someone somewhere does or they would not bother.  Surely folks would realise they are chancers?
I came upon this piece by a spammer telling folks how to grab the unwary's attention.  Sugar
This may be someone selling legitimate items unlike my visitors but non the less I could do without so many at one time.  These are easily deleted by the system but it does annoy having to link each name. 

As you may be aware my opinion on 'art' and much of what is offered as 'art' is far from what can be called appreciative.  Similarly the enormous time squandered on 'wimmen' when it is not required can cause some a reaction however the Edinburgh Evening News, a rag that died many years ago has informed those still bothering to read it about an exhibition of wimmin artists at the National Galleries of Scotland.
Now I do like portraits and this one caught my eye.  It is by one Dorothy Johnstone and this, and indeed many of her other pictures, are well worth a look.  One or two of the other girls mentioned look quite interesting also but some are clearly mental, like so many other 'artists!'  So much did I appreciate this that if I lived in the capital city I would pop along and see this for myself, even paying at the door if required.  Some of these girls did have a fair bit of talent and this must be worth seeing.


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Woo hoo! The monitor for our main computer has been replaced, and I can now see what is on the screen much better.

Of course, there is much out there that I wish I could never see, but the two painting you have here are not among them.

Lady Di Tn said...

Happy November Mr. A. We on this side of the pond have also had foggy days so much so that you could not see any of the vista we normally enjoy. I would love to take your arm and stroll through the art event but alas, I will just have to enjoy from afar. KJ's fur has been rubbed the wrong way lately as I have been told my views are OFFENSIVE. Not that I believed them but if they do not like my views then I feel they should just run along and play with others who shares their views. That is my opinion and I am sticking to it but that is why I have not been around of late. Peace

Lee said...

I do like these two paintings, too.

As for spam/scam artists I like them not at all. And as for those who ring up even less. I told one clown off this afternoon, using no uncertain terms! He mightn't speak very good English but I'm sure he understood what I said to him in English!!

the fly in the web said...

Amazing how spam gets through when a regular e mail doesn't!

Thanks for the tip on the exhibition...I'll be looking up the artist online.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, Indeed they are worth a look!
Well done on getting a decent screen.

Lady, Your views are only offensive to those who are in the wrong.
Nothing wrong in being right and causing guilty folks t be offended.

Lee, I guess he speaks better English now!

Fly, I blame BT!

carol said...

Have you ever considered that your spam may be from a women or women (for that hard nose)?

Mike Smith said...

I never get spam email. I got a message the other day from someone I've never met before. He's in Nigeria and has promised me $100,000 if I give him my bank details. I expect to be rich any day now...

Adullamite said...

Carol, So it is you!!!

Mike, Is it from a Prince Bauben by any chance...?

Mo said...

My spam box has hundreds everyday. What a waste of energy

Adullamite said...

Mo, I have had dozens today.