Sunday, 1 November 2015

Cycing, Football and Mist

The morning sun shone through the mist like light shining through my brain as I wake in the morning, everything is dim.  I trundled down to St Paul's for an excellent morning and back in what was by now bright sunshine (this is the 1st of November) just in time to watch the wee team (Hibernian) defeat the Blue Bigots (Rangers) by two goals to one.  This naturally is the only time I wish them to win anything however the arrogance, ignorance and plain contempt the 'Auld Firm' (Celtic & Rangers) show for the rest of Scottish football forces such a response from me.  It is not surprising to notice that while clearly in charge the wee team then allowed the blue bigots back into the game, it's more natural for them to lose than to win so I suppose not knowing what to do when winning is not a surprise.  However I suspect the media tomorrow will have blamed the referee, the seven penalty claims turned down and the fact that the grass was green for their teams loss, anything to satisfy the Huns who will want to read an excuse.
I followed this up by burning my dinner, I must adjust that oven, and falling asleep.  The usual midday activity.  I then watched Southampton defeat Bournemouth in an English game that was nowhere near as interesting as the first one.  While doing so I microwaved my tea for safety!
It was rotten!

However the stress of watching two games has worn me out and my mind id finding thought difficult again.  This I realise is not unusual.  So here is a chance to get on the bike and go visit the country.


Lee said...

A riveting day was wonder you fell asleep. Next time fall asleep after your dinner has cooked...not while it's cooking. Just ask Nigella...she'll tell you similar.

the fly in the web said...

I always suspected that football had a deleterious effect on the health of the spectator....

Adullamite said...

Lee, I would rather listen to you than Nigella.

Fly, How could you....zzz