Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Big Tins

I'm not getting out and about much these days.  I make it too the museum, hobble home via Tesco and flop.  A saunter around town if I must is all I can manage at the moment.  Today I unwound myself from the heater under the desk and gathered the rubbish and dumped it outside, as I did so I noticed the shop on the corner still had some tins on show, I had noticed them the other day, and raced slowly upstairs to get some cash.  
This shop was once selling only second hand furniture, he cleared houses and bought in stuff from self employed folks making bookcases and the like on the side (as far as I can see).  Now however while he still does this I notice his shop is stuffed with odds and ends, almost everything in the world can be found there somewhere!   This is something to remember, and I wished I had time to look around as I went up there for two large tins of fruit.   
I took the Pear Halves and Apricot halves today but will go back for more.  Just look at the size of the tin!  For these catering sizes he charges £1:25 and as supermarket stocks cost from 25p to £1 this is indeed a bargain.  Naturally I checked the dates, 2017 is the sell by date and having eaten some apricots I am well pleased.  I need to eat more fruit and as the Aussies are keeping most of it down there this is excellent for mean miser poverty struck me.  


carol said...

You just need 600 cans to match the baked bean haul you are planning.

Lee said...

I read in a blog last week or the week before...a post written by one of my fellow blogger friends that she had can of croissant dough, I think it was...personally, I've not seen any of those pre-prepared canned doughs, but she heard a bang in her kitchen and there upon the bench the can of dough had it does occur, apparently.

"For these catering sizes he charges £1:25 and as supermarket stocks cost from 25p to £1 this is indeed a bargain."

The above statement has me a little bemused and confused. I guess you mean the supermarket is selling cans of lesser weight for the lower prices you've quoted....

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I hope you get to feeling better much sooner than later. My eyesight is improving, but it is still far from good.

Lady Di Tn said...

A man after Me own heart being the frugal kitty than I am. I slowly acquired all my groceries weeks ahead for the Thanksgiving feast that I prepared today. I like the one about the blonde who was wearing ear phones while getting a haircut and when she fell asleep, the hair dresser took off the girls ear phones to expedite the hair cut. Later it was noticed that the girl had die and when the policeman checked the ear phones the recording stated "breath in, breath out". hehe Peace

Adullamite said...

Carol, He has beans too! :)

Lee, It is early isn't it? These are catering sizes, not shop sizes.

Jerry, I am slowly falling apart. I am catching up with you!

Lady, Frugal is the word, not cheapskate!
I laughed at that!