Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Happy am I as my week is over and tonight I sleep!  I slept ast night but by the time I got home tonight it appears to have worn off.  I wish it wouldn't do that.  No need to check the clock in the morning, no need to iron a shirt, no need to wash, just be a normal slob for a while and catch up on the things not done.  I note the fruit and veg from Saturday has already turned a strange mouldy colour, the rubbish is piling up in each room of the Palace and the things dropped on the floor on Monday await putting in their place, I'll do that tomorrow. 

Another Armistice commemoration day comes to a close.  For days people have been buying Poppies, placing pictures like this on the web, talking about soldiers and groups, teams, companies andgovernment national and local have been talking about remembrance. 
I wonder how long this will last?
The remembrance acts have a shallowness about them.  Those who have served or have family who served are not shallow, the general population is however.  Certainly the plight of returning soldiers has been highlighted again, we will not forget so easily as before but the population in general will become tired of remembrance when other problems press them hard.
I wait and see...

Now there's a strange thing, silence.
For a few moments there was no noise, nothing.
No cars drove past, no kids screamed in the park, no aircraft high above, nothing.
Even more astonishing the constant bang and flash of fireworks close by or in the distance ceased.
A repetitive drilling a while ago has stopped, silence reigns.

Now the occasional cars are passing by.  Normal service might be resuming. 
How strange that in the evening sudden silence can disturb as it is so unusual.


Lee said...

I hope we and future generations do always remember those who've gone to battle. Perhaps with some people their reactions are superficial...but with many others, including myself, our reactions aren't.

I'm not a religious person, but I do revere and respect our Anzac Day and Armistice/Remembrance Day. I never forget either...nor do I wish to ignore either.

Also I have never and will never forget Armistice Day...because Armistice Day, 11th November is my birthday...lest I forget!!!

Adullamite said...

Lee, the will not be forgotten.

carol said...

I had a meeting with a lady yesterday who said that university graduates are finding it harder to get work than others who don't have degrees. It is a myth that a degree will 1) lead to guaranteed employment in your field of study, and 2) mean you earn more than someone who hasn't been the to university. A graduate can earn as little as $35,000 as an engineer and yet at the end of an apprenticeship, a trade could be earning $60,000 (no degree).

Adullamite said...

Carol, You are right, it is a lie that demands all go to university, it is a ploy to keep them off the dole.