Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nil Desperandum Jimi

I trawled through my old albums tonight, amazed at the rubbish shots I used to think so good, and found one or two I had forgotten all about.  Nothing special, although I find the lamp with praying angel quite attractive now.  Beforehand I thought it a bit iffy.  I never managed to get through the door of this large impressive building, and I suspect still evangelical church, but always admired it.  Built of what they call 'Bargate Rag Stone,' with 'Box Ground' and 'Baths - Stone' dressings, as you can tell, it rises high over Bayswater and was erected during the great wealthy days on 1880.  At that time the are only contained the best people, Westbourne Grove' being shopping of high quality, and while the area depressed somewhat, my part full houses divided into bed-sits and small flats, a small flat today would cost about half a million!  It should be noted I moved out.  They knew how to build in those days, especially when labour was cheap and 'gothic revival' popular.  Almost nothing however can be discovered about John Johnson the architect.  How strange.

Nice doors, that I almost got into the picture!  I think I took these on the Leica IIIb that I possessed for a short while.  Foolishly I swapped it for something more efficient!  It was a good camera but to difficult for an idiot like me to use.  I should have kept it mind.  The things daft folks do!



Jenny Woolf said...

Fine quality pictures. Leicas were very expensive cameras, I always yearned for one but couldn't afford one.

Lee said...


Is this the same John Johnson, Adullamite?

Helen Devries said...

Super photographs..a good camera would be wasted on me...but clearly not on you.

Kay G. said...

I can't tell you how much I love these photographs.
Now, in the second photo, what is the six-petaled flower above the door? Is that supposed to be God or Jesus in the middle and what is in the 6 petals around?
I tried to make it bigger to see, but couldn't make it out.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

It sounds like Mr. Johnson must have got on somebody's bad side.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, A nice new one is available for £12000. I might look...

Lee, Yes, that was all I could find. Nice inside also.

Helen, I doubt anything would be wasted on you.

Kay, Yes I'm not sure what that represents. We will have to find the missing architect. Seems like Jesus surrounded by decoration rather than anything particular.

Jerry, Possibly fell out with someone high up.