Thursday, 28 February 2013


Today the Heart of Midlothian parted company with another manager.  I find this one rather sad.  John McGlynn was a decent Heart of Midlothian man who cared for the club and did his best in difficult times.  His common complaint that he had lost several major players through transfer and injury was indeed correct.  Many of the young players he was encouraged to play had been through his hands in times past when he was a youth coach.  Instead of seeing them reach the heights he instead sees a bleak future as one of the unemployed.  For myself I always considered John more as a coach than a manager, an assistant manager rather than the man in the media spotlight.  The pressure of managing a club of the size of the Heart of Midlothian is great, as indeed is the fans expectation.  Both told on him as the season continued.  His tactical knowledge was less than that required and it is clear no Heart of Midlothian side ought to be playing one up front, especially at home.  The Heart of Midlothian must always make attack the policy, as full bloodied as possible and according to the resources available.  Sadly for John his ideas fell flat and the feeble effort against St Mirren on Tuesday night spelt the end for this decent man.  Those who take over have a difficult job to do however the change will actually encourage some players and hope of success still beats.  We have a cup final to look forward to, and I expect us to win it!


Today also saw the publishing of Lord Nimmo-Smith's report into Rangers use or misuse of what are called 'EBT's' in paying their players.  For some these are legal, for other a tax dodge, regarding the Scottish Football Association (SFA) these must be declared to them before they begin.  Whether legal or not was not the question, the question was did Rangers under David Murray hide such payments and gain advantage.

The report decides no advantage was gained, but these were hidden and fines a club that has gone into liquidation the sum of £25,000 that cannot ever be recovered.  In short a whitewash of the SFA favourites!  Once again Rangers under Murray have moved the goalposts and got off with it!  Once again the Scottish establishment have come down on the side of their team!  How anyone can believe that giving hidden payments, therefore encouraging the buying of better players, does not lead to gaining advantage is hard to understand!  Of course they had an advantage, of course the titles and cups are tarnished, of course the fine is inadequate!  

Muddle?  No, deliberate moving of goalposts to aid the team that matters.  I am left wondering what political pressure (read that phrase any way you like) has been exerted and where?  If only I supported Celtic, I could see conspiracy and back room dealings being done here among the rich and famous.  However I will not do that.  Scottish football however has been stabbed in the back once again! 



bigrab said...

I think the fine which will never be paid was actually £250,000.

I heard John McGlynn being interviewed and felt really sorry for him. He was doing an impossible job. The paradox is that a new manager generally gives at least a short term lift but I fear Gary Locke won't last long either. Hearts need a new owner not yet another manager.

Adullamite said...

Rab, I think a new owner is in the offing. Whether better or worse we must see. Vlad lost it when the financial collapse arrived, even he could not fix that one in Lithuania.