Monday, 24 October 2011

The Day Dawned Brightly...

How soon before it all goes wrong?

Not long!
Rotten day, foul mood, tired, aching, and the oven does not work.
Luckily I am using the microwave and electric rings mostly at the moment.
Worse, the Broadband keeps cutting out!  Horror of horrors!  How can I live with no Broadband?
However after fiddling with the plugs the Broadband works, slowly.  Too slowly at times, and it was not fast to begin with.
But the phone is dead!
I never call unless I must, and I must log in the replacement credit card by phone, and it is dead.

How do you call when you have no phone to call with?
I e-mailed the only address I know and immediately received a reply stating I must go elsewhere!
I did, and filled in the form, hopefully the right one, and by the time I finished both engineers will have gone home. (I say both because there can only be two, and one is off sick, as they are slow!)
'Pipex' have sold out to 'Talk Talk,'  who have a bad reputation, so I am wondering if anyone will be there to read this ( and I am typing slowly so the Broadband does not get flustered.).

Now I am tired, flustered, anxious, and staring into the abyss - again!

It's being so cheerful wot keeps me going!



FishHawk said...

Since misery loves company (so they say), you should be about orgasmic with "Talk Talk." Sorry.

Adullamite said...

So 'Tak Talk' is in America also you mean?

FishHawk said...

Not that I know of, my dear Adullmite, but there are plenty of ISP's over here who follow their example of excellent customer service.

Adullamite said...

I spent time on there today, read about it! Humph.

Anonymous said...

My Talk Talk broadband has been intermittent this week too!

Adullamite said...

Rab, Fixed now. The box on the pole had problems.