Saturday, 2 October 2010

Brilliant Economic Analysis!




soubriquet said...

That's just about it. A little while ago everybody was pointing at Ireland, and talking about "The Tiger Economy"... High tech silicin valley industries moving in, wealthy germans building mansions and now? Well now we're back to turf-cutting and the only exports are guinness and poetry.

To nobody's surpise, I'm not a fan of european integration, and I hugely distrust people who trade billions in largely imaginary trades. The whole house of cards is built on us agreeing to believe that non-tangible things have great value, and the one thing we must pray for, is that no ignorant child blurts out that the emperor has no clothes on.

John Clarke and Brian Dawes!
I love these guys... So much I'm going to post another of their classics over at my place

red dirt girl said...

Mwaahaaaa! you might make a youtube watcher out of me yet, adullamite. just call me 'Kung Pao's Mule' xxx

Mike Smith said...

Very good!