Saturday, 31 July 2010



Emotions are funny things. We all have them, we all fail to control them, or control them too much. None of us can enjoy life without them and some of us enjoy the emotions more than we ought. This thought crossed my mind, and you wish it had continued to cross, when I realised how satisfied I appeared to be after the Heart of Midlothian defeated Millwall in a testimonial match for their man Neil Harris. It was indeed a mere friendly match, but with an honourable intent, and the fact that the side is beginning to merge together leaves me feeling quite satisfied, and having a man who can score from free kicks is also pleasing me. Now I know there are more important things in life, however a football team winning brings a strange happiness, and many share this emotion. The emotions of the wee team the other night, that is the Hibs losing to a side they had never heard of before, does give us an inkling into the opposite type of reaction.  However, we will not go there, as this might provoke another emotional reaction from me, one accompanied with a lot of sniggering to be honest!



Kimmy said...

Many congrats on your team's victory Adullamite!
I have experienced the happiness in which you speak about..whenever my football team (The Tennessee Titans) wins, which has been a rarity lately, I, too enjoy the emotion of extreme happiness and so does the neighborhood in which I live.
You can literally on any given Sunday stand on your deck and hear others squeals of delight as the Titans score a touchdown.
During the fall it does not get any better for outdoor recreation!
Have a lovely weekend, cheers!

Adullamite said...

Thank you Kimmy.