Wednesday, 19 May 2010


These Ivy leaves are more interesting than what is showing on my TV. With the digital set refusing to switch on I am now missing many of the channels U have become used to. At the moment, and until fortune favours me once again, I am limited to five channels on terrestrial TV. I did not realise just how much I enjoyed 24 news channels! All day long a cocktail of house improvement programmes, antique type shows and bloody chefs fill the screen. These are interspersed by aged black and white, and occasionally, colour films or chat shows full of females and their trauma. As Groucho Marx said, "When the TV comes on I reach for a book!"


Strawberry Girl said...

Yeah, sounds like the TV situation at our house as well... cept' all we get is a dull blue screen... better to go out and look at the sky I suppose.


Adullamite said...

Your alive? Hope all is well. xx