Monday, 17 May 2010

Ah Sunshine! Consonum Ensemble and US Geography

Ah Sunshine! Is not an expression used by a member of her majesties constabulary as I approach, bag full of copper wire under my arm, him in the middle of the night, it is in fact my thoughts as I looked at the picture above. Indeed sunshine has arrived this week, hidden behind periods of what I take to be volcanic ash, if the reports in the media are to be believed that is. What a difference sunshine makes to the world! OK the chill wind bringing the volcanic ash in our direction is of course leaving the Arctic Circle, crossing Iceland and running in through the cracks in the window ledge, but at least there is sufficient brightness to watch the clouds flying by high overhead.

Encouraged by the bright sky I tossed aside the ageing army blankets and leapt slowly out of bed. Slamming the radio alarm clock against the wall out of habit I breakfasted on stale bread and staler coffee and headed up the road. Taking the old Roman road west I flew down the hill like John Surtees of old and struggled up the other side like John Surtees today would on my bike. That was a slow couple of miles, and against the breeze powerful wind at that. Turning into the old railway I stopped to enjoy the early morning. The sun shone, the ponies in the field flicked their tails at flies, birds flitted from branch to branch, as did the squirrels and the wee beasties flitted over the stagnant pond, now bare of the ducks who obviously couldn't stand it any more. The sound from the bypass to my right informed the dog walkers and myself of those racing to their employment, dropping the kids of at the better schools or ending their long weary night trip from far off lands such as Birmingham and Cardiff. Guilt once again crossed my mind and I find this hard to keep away. (When I returned home another employer showed no such guilt by rejecting my advances to him, just like all the rest.) So nothing left to do but enjoy it while I can so passing the smiling dogs, and unsmiling owners, I made my way down the slope. This is of course the good bit! Having struggled up the roadway to get here I required a downward slope or a defibrillator! I used to cycle further than this you know! Anyway past the horses and the natural world around I continued homewards in contemplative mood. Happy with my efforts at attempting fitness I began the climb up the minor road near home when I was overtaken by a cyclist going up the slope at high speed. "Good Morning," she spat spitefully as she saw me struggling for it was indeed a she on the bike! "Bitch!" I thought, "Just you wait until you want a jar opened!"  As I began the last leg I noticed her heading towards the industrial estate, hopefully a forty ton lorry will mistake her for a rat and run her over! (in love obviously) 

I stole this from the excellent Ben Lomand Free Press 
a website you need to visit!

Look carefully at this picture from a US Sports broadcast!

For those of you in the Surbiton area I suggest you need to visit this 
excellent programme from the Consonum Ensemble
An excellent musical treat in store here.


Mike Smith said...

South Africa, South America - what's in a name to our American cousins...?

Relax Max said...

What's surprising is that a Chicago station would be talking about your World Cup. Soccer, right? Heh. Ok, futbal. However, in our defense, most Americans would recognize that as South Australia, so don't be so hard on us.

God that's embarrassing.

Relax Max said...

But you missed something else in the picture. At the bottom it says "low (tonight) 49 degrees". And the actual temperature to the right shows 48 degrees. Yeah, that would be Chicago.

Relax Max said...

Not to over-abuse your comment in box, but...

Did you know that only Warsaw has more Polish people living in it than Chicago? An odd fact or this nation of immigrants.

I'm not sure why I thought of that just now.

Adullamite said...

The more intelligent members of the US have indeed discovered football. Hopefully they will stuff England when they meet in the World Cup!

Temp degrees never appear connected to the actual temp outside.

Vast numbers of Poles (and Baltic States) folks came here during the war, many lived in Scotland. The EU expansion brought many more in recent times, a year or two here to make money and go back home for most.