Monday, 30 March 2009

Deaths Door

Sniff, urfgh,drink water, aaaaaaaaagh, cough, hack, drink water, sleep, uuurrgh, sneeze, hot, drink water, cold, aaaaarrgh, sleep, throat, paracetamol, tissues, ooooooooooooooooooooh, drink water, headache, die, light, dark, sleep, sniffle, eat, drink water, sniff, cough, aaaaaaaaaaargh, all this water keeps me on the run toddy, aaaahhhhh!


Anonymous said...

For two whole days now! You must be a saint, you're weathering it so well.

FishHawk said...

Think about feeling that way, and much, much worse, every single day for around 16 years now. For the best way to describe my affliction is that I came down with a fairly severe case of the flu in 1993. So, I do feel for you, my friend.

Mike said...

Graham this will teach you not to rub goose grease on your chest and wear your vest!
Sympathy-whats that?