Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Kinks

Looking for something to take me out of myself tonight I came across this! The Kinks on YouTube. I am not sure if they are legally there or not but I really got a kick out of placing the speakers next to my ears and attempting to deafen myself with several of their great hits. Their driving beat was a wow in the sixties and there is no doubt they were one of the best around. I wish I had been at their Edinburgh gig as one who was there claimed it the best seen at that time. I could believe it!
Mind you my ears are ringing now!


Mulled Vine said...

They don't do music like that anymore. :-(

The TEFL Don said...

The 60's now we are talking real music. So many great groups with a lot still surviving into the 21st century!

I just loved Freddie and the Dreamers!

Mike Smith said...

Yeah, you really got me going!

There are few better than The Kinks.

Jane said...

Wonderful band - I love 60s music (my era!!!)