Tuesday, 23 December 2008


As I sauntered home from the massed ranks of happy smiling treasure hunters in the market place the other day I past this. Now I first noticed this gate a dozen years ago and ever since then I have been wondering if, what was then, the General Post Office asked permission to insert this telegraph pole in the middle of his gate, or whether they just did it one morning when the man was out? As this must have happened some years ago, and these dwellings house some of the rich and famous of the town I suspect he had prior knowledge. If not there is still therefore a slight chance that behind that bush which has arisen to fill the gap there may well be an ageing, and somewhat rusty, 'Humber' or some such.


Mulled Vine said...

I actually know what happened.

The owner of the place fell upon hard times, so told his son to sell their cow. The young lad, being rather daft, met a postie with a bag of beans and a bad knee, and swapped the beans for the cow.

Needless to say the father was furious and threw the beans outside. The next morning, the telegraph pole was there.

The boy clambered up the pole, ending up on a giant counter. He was just about to explore and find his fortune when a giant post mistress with melons the size of blimps flicked him off the counter to his death.

The lad's father pined after his son, eventually dying a pauper's death. He was buried at the foot of the pole.

Tis a sad tale, but one with a moral.

What moral you might ask?

Don't read comments that are longer than the post.

Hoo Don said...

Maybe the post man has bought a first class place elsewhere, but still wants to leave his stamp on this community. Have a great Christmas, come on you Hearts.