Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Hogmany 2008

So 2008 is ending at long last! I cannot say it has been the best of years, but there again it could have been very much worse! Compared to those who have endured war, starvation, sickness or deprivation of any kind I have nothing to worry about. How strange that while watching the refugees, dead bodies tanks firing and people being thrown out of their homes by natural disasters I find myself upset and peeved because I have spilt some milk! Just be grateful for being alive, almost healthy and having your daily bread I say! The daily bread is hard to acquire mind. Work has proved difficult, nobody appears interested in my shop window advert.

Useless individual seeks work

Will skive for cash!

I got few replies. Even less attention was paid to the many CVs I sent out. When attention was paid I got several replies containing words like,'Ugh!' and 'Reject!' and 'Don't ever call again.' I think they are trying to tell me something, however I have yet to understand what. The credit crunch does not help. Huge numbers of people will begin the year with redundancy! All this because the worlds economy was based on paper. I suggest we just call it quits and start again, who loses that way? I suggested this to our Prime Minister but he has failed to answer in an appropriate manner. However I did mention I used to drink in Edinburgh's 'Goblet' at the same time as he did when a student. I mentioned I had the photographs but he did not reply personally. However the two very large 'Special Branch' men he sent round to collect the pics were somewhat too personal for my liking! The year began with the Heart of Midlothian struggling with failure! The first game I ever saw was a 6-1 victory over Airdrieonians in 1962. I foolishly thought it would always be like that! When we lost 1-0 to a relegation bound Queen of the South a few weeks later I should have realised that cynicism was a Hearts fans life! However every fifty years or so glory will arrive. This season has seen some resurrection of our hopes under new (cheap) management and maybe the good times are just around the next visit from the bailiffs. I know we are on the right track as the usual bias against us has appeared in the press and from certain referees. (Yes Brines, I mean YOU!)

At long last, and in desperation I began driving lessons! This has been better than i had hoped in that on occasions I have been able to open my eyes and look in the direction I was speeding. The ever encouraging instructor (he encouraged me today by informing me the steering column was giving problems - we were doing sixty on the 'A' road at the time!) as I was saying the instructor claims I should be taking the test next month. Hmmmm
That is one thing I am enjoying, as long as those lorries keep their distance and women (Yes women!) do not use the left turn lane to suddenly turn right and expect me to know that is what they are going to do! One did this today and appeared to think her actions were normal! (Fill in the next line yourself!)

Apart from the ever present bug that has been with me since 1987 health has deteriorated because I do not have enough exercise. Reading too many blogs and laughing is not exercise! The bad summer limited the time on the bike also, that needs improving next year. My knees do ache and the cold does not help either! I was reading of a chap who was cycling on his 100th birthday! That is what to aim for!

This year what can I truly say is good?

God is good. Jesus has never let me down and is still with me in spite of it all! That speaks volumes for his patience, and also for the fact he has to lead in saving us, I would go to rot otherwise! I am sometimes taken by surprise that he called one like me! My family is good, and Christmas has left me much impressed by them once again. I am grateful to have such a family! I doubt they say the same about their mad uncle! Bwwwaaaaaaaaahahahaha! My family have always been a good lot, and I stand back in amazement at how some folks live their lives. Imperfect they may be, but typical of so many found in Scotland today.

The Blogosphere is good also! I have come across so many pretty young women with high intelligence and good looks who put me to shame with their clever, witty writing. So many men who write in a fashion that leaves me jealous of their writing or their lives! The enjoyment of reading such blogs is immense! These folk do not just write witty humour, they speak of their everyday lives and the world around in a way that is not found in media journals often enough. Good writing is all around us, and how much more is out there? In short, so many good things out there in a world, which while sick with sin, still contains many diamonds. I assure you,the blogs I read and link to here are all diamonds in my eyes! Thank you for giving me so much during this year!
Now burst into tears and
Have a Happy Hogmany!


Da Old Man said...

And you haven't been inundated with offers of employment? What do they expect, man? Blood?

FishHawk said...

Oh my, it never occurred to me that the reason why you have never treated me as well as you should is because of being so jealous of how wonderful I truly am in every way. I suppose that just goes to prove what a humble opinion I have of myself, which is certainly an admirable trait.