Friday, 27 January 2023

Hunt & Railways

This millionaire wishes people who have retired after 50 or so years of work, to return to work to save his party from defeat.  That is not how he described it, but that is what it is.  Instead of obvious solutions, return to the EU, or at least the 'single market,' tax the filthy rich like himself, Sunak and those who 'carelessly' forget to pay several million pounds in tax, as this is difficult, we get old folks to work long hours and die.  I wonder which millionaire came up with this?  Too clever for Hunt, but maybe a Tory loving civil servant seeking promotion thought it a wheeze.  
Guess what the nations response is...

HS2, that multi Billion waste of time and effort, has failed once again with the news that it might not reach all the way into London, they place it was supposed to start from.   This exciting news raised blood pressure everywhere, but, for once, the Tories have risen to the challenge with Hunt,  (see previous) has made it known HS2 will indeed end at Euston Station.  Possibly.   
There was no need for this.  The railways could be improved as we all know, but surely improving what is there rather than introducing something new covering similar grounds was another 'Boris type' piece of flannel.  Badly thought out, badly planned, and l still have no idea how much work has already been done.  I know huge machines have created vast tunnels in places, I know many have lost houses and lifestyles because of this railway, I know the Leeds part has been scrapped, but how much has actually been completed, if any?  
Still, we can afford this even if we cannot pay the railway workers, the nurses and NHS staff, the postmen, the ambulance staff, the....

The dying embers of the day produced a mild pink in the sky.  This is to warn us tomorrow will be as chilly as today I suspect.  The winter has been mild so far, and the energy people are not happy with the warmth.  The prices will however, remain high.  On that note the water people have informed me that in spite of the cost of living crisis they must put the water charges up.  This is to pay the fines received for polluting rivers, streams and the seaside with sewage rather than spend money cleaning it up.  So the money I am charged for 'sewage' is now paying the bill for the sewage they did not bother cleaning!  Privatisation blessing here.


the fly in the web said...

Never mind those getting on in years, I can quite understand why younger people do not wish to work on zero hour contracts, in warehouses or in vans to impossible targets, all for low pay as benefits for those in work subsidise those employing them.

As for the sewage scam...when in France we were not on mains drainage, but were still obliged to pay towards the expense of operating it...even though our village had no sewage treatment whatsoever!

Adullamite said...

Fly, Zero hour suits some, but for most it is a fraud.