Thursday, 11 August 2022

Joseph Farquharson - A Flock of Sheep in a Snowstorm

With the temperature reaching towards 31c and that means about 92f, I thought some would appreciate a picture to cool them down.   This artist created several similar scenes, I suppose living up north he would find this an easy country view to notice!  He created so many such paintings he was known as "Frozen Mutton Farquharson." 
As you give thanks for not putting the gas on, as you reach for yet another ice cream, consider the sheep, and indeed the painter sitting there in two feet deep snow trying to finish his picture! 

Joseph Farquharson: 1846 - 1935. 

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the fly in the web said...

I think I one saw a video using his works to accompany songs based on Burns' poetry....there were some pretty fearsome looking sheep in those days.

I see Boris has met with the energy firms' take his orders, no doubt.