Saturday, 9 November 2019

Saturday Legion

Too cold and too lazy to do anything today.
I wandered about in a sunshine that possessed no heat.  The town was bright and the light makes even dreary areas look decent, however while young men sauntered around bravely in pullovers or tee shirts normal folks wrapped up.  
I felt sorry for the Legion me, those not dressed in camouflage gear had to appear in blazers.  This is why most broke the army rules and had hands in pockets most of the time, they must have been freezing!  Appearance however is all for such people, the Legions image must be maintained.  
Lots of cadets around selling poppies, lots of folks wearing them.
One post on Twitter came from someone explaining why they do not wear poppies.  I see no reason for people doing this, the whole idea of fighting wars fro freedom is to ensure the freedom to wear or not wear a poppy.  The Legion makes this clear and opposes forcing folk to wear them, quite right to.  However the 'Daily Mail' and 'Express' reader will stir it by demanding action taken by the none xenophobic who dare not to wear one.   Always the same people, always the same response.
We wore them when young in the 50s without thinking about it.  They appealed less in the 60s when we wished to avoid wars and 'Give peace a chance.'  The cry was 'Make love not war,' although round my way it as more 'Make Tea not war!'  
We then had Ireland!
That brought troops into our minds again.  Then there was the Falklands conflict, that reminded many soldiers were a good idea, even if Thatcher herself was not.
By then I had taken to reading about the Great War, a war we genuinely knew little about, and I became entranced in the many stories that arose from the conflict.  It was later I realised many others were doing the same thing, we found our history without having it shoved down our throats.

A variety of events brought people round to remembering their history, the centenary of the Great War also helped, and now most people understand something of two wars and what happened after them.  How deep this goes time alone will tell.
Tomorrow I have the Sunday service, 9 pages of readings between three of us!  Then the 2pm remembrance at the memorial.  Around 500 usually gather, the 'high heid yins' also attending.  The police are always on the watch for terrorist attacking, this time it may just be people yelling abuse at the MP!


the fly in the web said...

No poppies here...all rhat happened when Costa Rica joined in the Second world War 'effort' was that the properties of German and Italian farmers were seized and never returned. Then they got busy with their own civil war a few years later...
I grew up with tales of the Great War, its causes and its consequences - made all too plain by going with mother to assist disabled veterans on outings - which were an eye opener in quite another way! The crates of beer officially loaded were quite outnumbered by the provisions stashed away in invalid you remember the long ones steered by a tiller?....or under tarpaulins in the boot of the bus.
I just wonder how close we are to World War Three...

Dave said...

I've already lost two poppies this year, taking coats on and off seems to get rid of them. Next year its an enamel poppy with a proper pin.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Costa did well out of the war! World War three could be caused by accident claims our top soldier. Putin might push his luck too far.

Dave, Indeed, at least three each year for me. This year I got one of those football ones, they ones attached to a poppy and your teams name. I did lose the other poppy mind.