Friday, 8 November 2019

Cold and Dreich

The day began dreich, mist shrouded the world.  A cold chill swirled around the room, I let it do so and went back to bed.  Enthusiasm for work did not arrive and after tediously slogging my way through the boring papers, facebook and the more interesting Twitter I found it was almost lunchtime.  However I felt the need to work and cleverly ignored this and did some poor exercise instead. I am getting used to aching.  
I picked up the paperwork that lay before me.  This concerns the readings for Sundays Remembrance service at church.  "I have marked your bit," he said indicating this on the front page, "Just there."  As I perused this it suddenly struck me there was 'my bit' one each page.  A quick calculation indicated NINE pages!  He had of course disappeared by now!  
So today, once again, I ran through the readings hoping the girls doing their (lesser) bits are also practicing.  This will be easy enough, just sections from men who served in the Great War, or their families.  Normally no emotion is involved, I did however find difficulty with one bit, a piece I have read before.  In this a ten year old walks up the hill with her father, he sends her back and he walks away to his barracks.  She never sees him again.  Even though I have read this before it touched me greatly in a way the death of 2000 soldiers could not do.  I suspect this is because of all those girls in the family, and the 'granddad' age at which I find myself.  


It is cold in this hovel, very cold, and I thought I would wander out and get some warmth.
I was wrong!
It was much colder outside, the first time this year, and the westerly wind did not warm me in any way.  However I, reasonably clad I thought at first, wandered abroad.  This took me through the charity shops for some Christmas shopping and on into the shopping centre.  Here a display was put on by the 'Royal British Legion' and I got my eye caught on a 'Royal Enfield' .303 Rifle which was on display among others such weapons.  I got talking, indeed mostly listening, to the chap there and spent a good while discussing things, including his relation to several people on my war memorials.  It is always good to meet such folk.  Whether he thought the same I know not.  However the cold was hitting my back and i decided to run for cover indoors, where it actually was warmer now I had been outside.  Tonight I have had the heating on!
It appears global warming has pushed the jet stream further south.  This means air that ought to be freezing Norway who can cope with it is rushing over us who cannot.  This must also be bringing the excessive rain leading to floods in many areas.  Thankfully that avoids us.



the fly in the web said...

Jet stream moving south, Gulf Stream slowing down...time to move to Costa Rica, though I have a suspicion that the hurricanes which used to miss CR are also moving south....but it is warm.

Jenny Woolf said...

It's always confusing how global warming can make things colder but it does make sense really, I know

Dave said...

If we loose the Gulf Stream we're in deep trouble, nearly as much as having Boris in charge.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Yes Costa sounds good but bugs, hurricanes and volcanoes are less attractive. Global warming will soon bring those to us however...

Jenny, They say Edinburgh will one day be like the Med! Edinburgh vines will abound in East Lothian instead of cabbages and potatoes.

Dave, Who knows how the Gulf stream will react. The west coast will die without it.
Boris in charge, that sounds like a threat!