Tuesday, 31 July 2018


An old foto that caught my eye at the time.  I wonder where I was?  
The media is so poor today.  Holiday time allows for 'fake news' to arise but all we see are deaths, rapes, crime and absurd folk doing things that kill them or others.   The good things don't sell papers and anything good is always made sickeningly sweet that it makes you puke.  Sentimental rubbish, girls boobs or death and destruction fill the dying press, yet little knowledge regarding the Brexit collapse that will soon be upon us.  I already have three tins of corned beef in the stockpile!

I know where I took this, Spitalfields before the middle classes gentrified the place.  Now the run down houses and derelict market are full of trendies with expensive tastes.  Offices blocks and refurbished houses, very expensive, abound and of course Liverpool Street Station is round the corner.  Weavers have been here for hundreds of years and many buildings reflect something of this. Who inhabited these I know not but I love the shutters, especially the ones that block just half the window.  What a great way to keep people out.  Some of these go back to Georgian times and I understand one or two are preserved in aged fashion and these would be worth a visit if ever up that way.  Spitalfields huge church was used for many years as a place for down and outs (a much better term than homeless) but these were removed as indeed were the rotting coffins in the crypt (a messy venture I have somewhere on a video) and now the place is a glowing marvel.  I wonder if God is there now?

The little darlings enjoyed themselves today, except for one three year old who was removed by an irritated grannie who decided the darling was not behaving correctly, and as always happiness reigned.  Busy day with kids and mums, phone calls and making mistakes, visitors and their questions.  Then it is home to stare at the laptop wondering why there is no football on!  
Poor show this.



the fly in the web said...

A good and kind friend took me to lunch there when I was last in England...I could not believe my eyes at how the place had changed...and thanked my lucky stars she was paying the bill!

Adullamite said...

Fly, No soup kitchens there now.